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Genre: Thai swinger, Thaiswinger, Teen, Asian, Thai Girls, POV, Big ass

Video Description: Dirty Thai Massage episode 53 with Fig. There is a special way in which Fig can make all your stress go away in seconds, with...

Nammy NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Thaigirlswild, Thai girls wild, Teen, Asian, Nammy, Thai Porn, Thai Girls, Creampie

Video Description: Nammy gave wonderful head, giving special attention to my helmet. Then she got on top and rode me cowgirl until she came wildly. I creampied her Asian Pussy!


Genre: Mongerinasia, Monger in asia, Nalinee, Teen, Asian, Thai Girls, Thai Porn

Video Description: If you like your whores skinny, pretty, and docile, then this weeks Southeast Asian fuckdoll is right up your alley! I met Nalinee a few months ago at a gogo bar and promptly brought the whore back to my apartment for some hidden cam fun. This time I wanted to shoot the pretty teen with my full entourage of equipment, and to my surprise, she agreed to let me film her for only $50! Great deal!

Nalinee is a degenerate monger like mes dream come true. She exercises every day, has a strict low-carb diet, and is determined to stay thin and skinny to please the opposite sex. She knows her customers like their whores petite and pretty, and she aims to please. And on top of that, she dutifully obeys anything a man says.

In this weeks episode, I noticed Nalinees makeup was a little off, so I offered to help her apply another layer. After a long, hard fuck session, I blast Nalinees pretty teen face with a huge load of sperm and admire how pretty her makeup looks, hehe.

Bussaba - Thai Teen With Braces Impregnated And Corked Like Wine Bottle Bussaba [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Monger in Asia, MongerinAsia, Bussaba, Teen, Asian, Thai Girls, Creampie

Video Description: Ive gotten a lot of fan mail in the past few months from guys who want to see more of Bussaba, my sweet teen dream girl. Well guys, I couldnt agree more! You guys cant get enough of her and neither can I. However, although Ive creampied her numerous times, she hasnt gotten pregnant yet due to bad timing of her ovulation cycle. So this time, I want to make sure I give you guys what you want to see a complete, successful insemination of this gorgeous Thai teen hooker...

Totti NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Thaigirlswild, Thai girls wild, Totti, Teen, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Hot ass, Totti, Asian

Video Description: Then she'll climb on your hard dick and ride it like she's in the rodeo. Totti will let you straddle her chest and pop your load right onto her pretty Asian face


Genre: Mongerinasia, Monger in asia, Nudao, 19 years old, Teen, Thai Girls, Creampie

Video Description: For this weeks update, I wanted to introduce Nudao, a cute, sexy Thai teen who I met at a beer bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Soi 7 is one of my favorite sois, home to countless beer bars and a couple of gogos, and generally has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The hookers arent always high quality like their Walking Street sisters, but if you are patient you can definitely find some jewels.

Nudao was working at one of these beer bars, trying to hustle guys to play pool with her for drinks. As soon as I saw her, I knew she would be my whore for the night, so after a light round of pool where she totally kicked my ass (these girls are hustlers after all), I decided to skip the normal monger rituals and just get this whore out of the bar and into my lair. I mean, my apartment, hehehe.

I paid the barfine and ushered Nudao up the street to my place. As she was wearing street clothes, I instructed her to shower and put on some sexy demeaning stripper outfit, and she did it without batting an eye. These girls are so obedient!

She came out of the shower fresh and clean, and I was immediately aroused at the way she looked in her purple see-through bikini. After fondling her young ripe breasts and tight round ass, I told Nudao to start blowing me, and she did without hesitation. Good girl!

Once I was nice and hard, I instructed the whore to ride me. She didnt even ask for a condom.she just straddled me and slipped it right in! Nothing in the world is better that having your old, worn out monger cock inside the tight, wet folds of a teenage vagina, and I had trouble holding my load. But when I started fucking her doggystyle and, eventually, in lazy-doggy position, I knew I couldnt hold it anymore. I mounted her tight teen ass and just started plowing into...


Genre: Mongerinasia, Miki, Asian, Thai Girls, Teen, Skinny, Creampie

Video Description: Miki is a sexy little hooker I picked up a few months ago and plowed at my apartment with my spy cams. Although she had a great body and attitude, it seemed like Miki was getting tired of banging strangers every day for lunch money and desired a more stable income/occupation. Well, fortunately for her, I am a job creator for these poor young Asian females. I have plenty of positions open for a whore who can also cook and clean for me!

Miki was thrilled to get an interview, and I was thrilled to get a chance to pump her tight young fuck holes again, this time with my cameras rolling in plain sight. The sexy little hooker changed into a revealing maid outfit, and I watched and evaluated her as she did her best to clean my dirty apartment. But deep in her heart, Miki knew what I really wanted in a Bangmaid: fresh, clean holes and a fertile vagina to pump my seed into!

After a nice, slow blowjob, I instructed the whore to ride me like her job depended on it. Well. I guess it really did, hehe. And Mikis tight, taut pussy did not disappoint! It was just as tight as I remembered it from last time, and she seemed to be even wetter this time, anticipating my life-giving creampie. When I felt my balls about to explode, I shot load after load of milky white semen deep into her birth canal. I didnt ask her, of course, as all Asian maids must do as theyre told and not ask questions, but she didnt seem to mind that much. After all, the most important job an Asian maid has (besides cleaning the house) is getting pregnant and bearing her boss offspring!

Totti NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: CreampieThais, Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen, Creampie

Video Description: Totti and I had a great time sucking and fucking and when it finally came time to cum, I shot my jizz all the way up her love hole


Genre: Mongerinasia, Asian, Thai Girls, Solo, Nooann

Video Description: If theres one thing I never get tired of, its filming sweet Asian teens showering for me. The way the water and soap suds slide down their fresh nubile bodies turns me on like nothing else. And when theyre finished, it means I have a fresh, clean teen pussy to play with!

I impregnated Nooann about 2 months prior to filming this scene, so her baby bump isnt really showing yet. But trust me guys, its in there! She texts me daily saying how happy she is she got knocked up by me. Life is good in Southeast Asia!

Princess fucktoy pussycam live show- june 6th [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen, Oral, Toys

Princess fucktoy roasted and cum on face [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen

Princess fucktoy cums in quick intense 3some [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen

Princess fucktoy - Fucktoy contract [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen, BDSM, Oral

Trinh - Morning Fuck [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asiansexdiary, Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen, Creampie

Louise Vientiane HOT!!! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asiansexdiary, Asian, Thai Girls, Hardcore, Teen, Big ass

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