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Vicky Bren - I wanna FUCK A BLACK DUDE. Im CURVY Vicky and Ive never felt a chocolate bar inside [HD 720P]

Genre: FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Vicky Bren, Teen, Big ass, BBW, BBC

Video Description: Chubby young woman Vicky comes to us once again to fulfill her next fantasy! Well, we're seeing how, little by little, this shy gal is letting loose and turning into a true pornstar. So, following that evolution, we're taking her to the next natural level in porn, also giving her something she's been asking for since her porn debut: Today she's going to be drilled by HER FIRST BLACK COCK. If we can see that, since her first moment of her interview, that this young woman is euforic, you can tell that a good fuck is coming, and this is confirmed by the fact that, as soon as she sees the black guy she's about to fuck, she goes straight to his arms (and dick), and doesn't give a damn about our questions. In Vicky's mind there is only a tought: enjoying the hell out of her black dick. Everything else is secondary!

Valentina Bianco - The BREAKING BADS policeman brother-in-law... Ive banged him (Well almost tee hee hee) [HD 720P]

Genre: FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen, OldMan, Hardcore, Valentina Bianco

Video Description: Hi guys! Valentina's back at FAKings :D I wanna confess a thing to you. There's a TV show that I love, Breaking Bad. I've always had a soft spot for older guys, and there's one on that show that always turned me on. Every time Walter White's policeman brother-in-law appears in the show, I start masturbating, no matter where I am. I'll bang him one day. But until that day comes, I've found someone with whom I'll have a good time ;) I've just met someone that could be his double, an Italian older man that since the moment he first saw me has fallen for me. So I had what I had to do: seducing him! Of course it didn't take me long, and we went to the point we are in today... What happens today? Well, I'm finally goint to his place, where I'm going to have the fuck I was looking forward to with Breaking Bad's brother-in-law. And you are seeing it with me! You'll see how eager I was to bang him, I couldn't hold myself from being so wet and horny! But wait, the old man Isn't going to have a bad time neither. 'Cause a sweet little pussy like mine is difficult to ignore tee hee hee... Well I won't distract you any longer. Watch this amazing fuck with a horny old man and how he can't be away from y ass! Kisses!

Tina Fire - 8 dudes for Tina, young and old, all come to the MEGA-TITTED Brazilian babe. A new FREE PUSSY day, this time its INTERRACIAL!!! NEW!!! 19-06-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Tina Fire... ?Os acordais de ella? La ultima vez que la tuvimos por aqui se enfrento a un reto "Monstercock Anal", pero solo pudo superar la primera parte: su cono devoro la tremenda polla que le pusimos, pero la parte "anal" fue prueba no superada. De este modo Tina quedo debiendonos una perforacion de ojete, y lo hizo con una propuesta: "A mi como mas se me abre el culo es cuando hay varios chicos, varias pollas, cuantas mas mejor". Si le traiamos a unos cuantos sementales para hacer un gangbang, Tina prometia que su culo se abriria como flor en primavera. Y nosotros encantados con como nos ha salido el negocio, ya que no hay nada que mas deseemos todos que ver a semejante hembra dandolo todo. Y asi llegamos a este dia, en el que le hemos traido un equipo de futbol casi completo para que le den candela por todos los agujeros, y la pongan fina. Participantes variados de 18 a 45 anos, de toda raza, complexion y condicion: blancos, chinos, latinos, jovenes y puretas atacando a nuestra joven doncella de 20 anos con culo de diosa, piernas interminables, cara angelical y dos balones de futbol en el pecho. Un desenfreno de sexo y un atracon de pollas ?Un dia memorable para Tina!

Penelope Cum - Carlota Teen - Ep 15: My God... A black dude in my bathroom!!! Hold on tiger, ILL SHAVE MY PUSSY so you can tear it up. Will you? NEW!!! 12-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Sluts, Interracial, Pissing, Black hair, Extreme Sex, Natural tits, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen, BBC, Penelope Cum - Carlota Teen

Video Description: Cap 15: ???Dios mio... Un negro en mi lavabo!!! Espera fiera, ME ARREGLO EL CONO y me lo destrozas, ?podras?

Hi guys, Jesus Reyes here, how is that de-escalation going? Now you can go out a little, I bet it's going better, isn't it? I'm not gonna lie, first thing I've done it's going straight to some girl friends' house to spend the rest of the confinement. And along those friend there is none other that Penelope Cum. I've been a few days with her around the house, and I think you can imagine the situation: SHE PARADES NAKED AROUND THE HOUSE AND TRIES TO GET ME HOT, but the moment for a good fuck had not arrived. Until now ;) What happened today? What was bound to happen. I had taken my camera to simply film a confinement day, but once again Penelope had come in front of the camera and I've changed my mind quickly. I've gone straight to the bathroom, where I knew she was pissing and I filmed her doing it and also shaving her pussy. Of course, as soon as she's seen the camera, Penelope has let loose and has started to SHOW AND GET THAT NATURAL BODY WET. The next things have come quickly. As soon as she saw my big black dong, she didn't think about anything else than having a mouthful of it and that's what she's done, doing the kind of depthroat only a GODDESS like Penelope Cum can do. After that... you can imagin what comes: an ASTOUNDING FUCK, a petite white teen enjoying a big black cock, and a scene that's make this warm-up to be worth.

The perfect night. ASTOUNDING BOOBS, astonishing body, SUBMISSIVE EASTERN EUROPEAN BABE and and a sponge-like pussy. She is Amaris XXX NEW!!! 10-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Amaris XXX, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Boobs, Big Tits, Hardcore, Blonde, Teen

Video Description: La noche perfecta. TETAZAS flipantes, cuerpazo bestial, CHICA DEL ESTE SUMISA y un conito que es toda una esponja. Ella es Amaris XXX

Hi guys! How's that confinement going? Is it getting too long? Don't worry, 'cause what I'm bringing to you is going to make you very happy. You are going to see something here that is only seen every once in a long while. I want you to meet one of my latest conquests: Young Ukrainian babe Amaris XXX, a woman I lack the words to describe her 10-OUT-OF-10 BODY. Those BREATH-TAKING TITS, that DIZZYING BUTT, that DRIPPING WET PUSSY... They all come glued to a submissive Ukrainian that's eager for eating my dick up and milk it till leaving it dry, as if her life depended on it, up to the point she can't hold herself during her initial interview from getting naked and showing me her whole naked body, before going down to my cock and not leaving it till she's been fucked like I haven't fucked anyone in a long, long time. See a the beginning for yourselves and tell me if I'm right or not, although as soon as you see Amaris and how she moves her body I'm sure you'll want to see the complete fuck.

Nina Sky - Hunting STRANGERS to fuck em. Nina gets half of Madrid hot looking for dicks in the middle of the street. NEW!!! 8-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Nina Sky, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Boobs, Big Tits, Hardcore

Video Description: A la caza de chicos DESCONOCIDOS para follar.

Street phone bustings are back, a series that's reached a ceiling in reception, kink and gall. Today we've challenged Tina, the bread girl that was banged by Alvaro, the TV Celebrity. She tells us that they broke up and that she wants to be a pornstar, so we've made her come as sexy as possible (that is, like a complete whore) and we've made her go to the streets of Madrid in broad daylight to scandalize people and entertain the unemployed and the retirees that couldn't neither believe nor understand what they saw and soon surrounded us. The challenge is what it always is in our phone bustings: getting a guy to fuck, asking for phone numbers through Instagram and making dirty video calls to make 'em horny with dirty words, stripping, masturbations and maximum kinkyness. Despite being winter Nina has come to the streets wearing only her lingerie, her coat and a pair of boots, ready to prove us how she deserves to become a porn star. Watch how THE GIRL MASTURBATES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREETS while she's seducing the dudes, until she manages to date one of 'em in one of our safehouses and literally eat him out surrounded by hidden cameras, up to the poing that, when we appear to shoot the scene, the rookie only thinks about fucking Nina and doesn't mind about doing it with our without cameras. If you want to see the rest, you know where. FAKings receives you with its arms open!

Ep. 12: Buddy, now Ill fuck Lily, OK? Confinement fucks feel so well ;) NEW!!! 1-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Lily Morena, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen

Video Description: Cap 12: "Tronco ?ahora me follo yo a la Lily, vale?". Que bien sientan los polvetes en confinamiento ;)

?Hola, tios! Tommy Cabrio is back! Queria seguir hablando sobre lo bien que me ha venido pasar el confinamiento con la jovencita Lily en casa. Y es que desde que estamos ella, mi colega Cris y yo juntos, los dias han sido una follada tras otra, como pudisteis comprobar cuando os mostramos como se dan los aplausos en esta casa. El otro dia queriamos saber si la chica esta, como sospechabamos, masturbandose las pocas veces del dia en que no esta follando con nosotros. Asi que preparamos una camara para preguntarle, y la llamamos cuando estaba encerrada en su habitacion. ?Por supuesto nada mas venir nos lo reconocio! Y claro, como a la pobre le interrumpimos la sesion, teniamos que compensarselo de alguna manera, asi que Cris decidio que se follaria Lily aquella vez, mientras yo lo grababa. Y el resultado es lo que vais a ver aqui: Una teen jovencita follada y refollada por mi amigo y su pollon. ?Espero que os guste!

Were going to teach SPANISH CULTURE to my Mexican friends. Iberian orgy with a couple of experts: Jesus and Pamela NEW!!! 3-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Group, Teen

Video Description: Vamos a ensenar CULTURA ESPANOLA a mis amigas de Mexico. Orgia iberica con unos expertos: Jesus y Pamela

?Hola, tios, aqui Jesus! Hoy quiero ensenaros una de las cosas que haciamos antes de que nos encerraramos. Y es que a Pamela y a mi siempre nos ha encantado conocer gente nueva y follarnosla, por supuesto ;) En el ultimo Salon Erotico conocimos a un grupito con el que intimamos rapidamente: Un chico y sus dos mejores amigas, DOS ESPECTACULARES HEMBRAS LATINAS llamadas Giselle Montes y Mia Marin (a la que conocisteis en su dia). Las cosas fueron tan bien entre nosotros que nada mas acabar nos invitaron a su apartamento para continuar la fiestecita, y vaya si continuo la fiesta: Giselle y Mia nos recibieron DUCHANDOSE Y JUGUETEANDO ENTRE ELLAS. Pamela no se lo penso dos veces y se metio directa con ellas para regalarnos un lesbico con las dos estupendas latinas, antes de que vinieran al salon dispuestas a LAMERME LA POLLA ENTRE LAS TRES. Lo que vino despues de eso os lo imaginais: Una orgia hispano-mexicana en la que ningun cono se quedara sin follar, y ninguna polla se quedara sin ser lamida, con la guinda de una corrida sobre tres pares de tetas. ?Una autentica leccion de sexo espanol para nuestras nuevas amigas mexicanas!

Anais and her MONSTERCOCK CHALLENGE: That thing wont fit me, guys. But its bigger than my head!!! NEW!!! 5-06-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen, Anais

Video Description: Anais y su RETO MONSTERCOCK: Eso no me va a entrar, ?eh?... ???Si es mas grande que mi cabeza!!!

?Os acordais de Anais? Ella es una jovencita latina, timida pero que a la hora de la verdad sabia desatarse. Nos envio una camara oculta con su alumno de repaso en la que todos pudimos ver el repaso que le dio... Despues de semejante estreno, teniamos que llamarla, asi que hoy Anais viene a rodar con nosotros, que le haremos uno de nuestros procesos patentados para que vaya perdiendo esa timidez con la que llego, y poco a poco lo conseguimos, preparandola para el plato fuerte: La llegada de Pepe Monstercock, la polla mas grande de Espana. Pero por supuesto, para no asustarla, a ella le decimos que se llama "Pepe Minipolla. Anais nos confiesa que solo ha follado con 3 chicos en toda su vida y los tres la tenian pequena. La temperatura va subiendo a medida que la jovencita pierde la verguenza, hasta que llega el momento revelar el verdadero tamano de Pepe. Y por supuesto, ANAIS NO SE LO PUEDE CREER. ?No os perdais su reaccion al descubrir el rabo de caballo! La joven se agobio tanto que a punto estuvo de dejarnos tirados, pero finalmente pudimos convencerla, y a juzgar por la cantidad de flujo vaginal que estuvo soltando una vez se metio el pollon de Pepe... ?No creemos que se lo haya pasado precisamente mal!

Rebeka Diamond - Please Mr. Im lost, can you help me? Rebeka, the PENNYLESS TEEN goes again on a HUNT FOR COCKS around Barcelona NEW!!! 29-05-2020 [SD 368P]

Genre: Rebeka Diamond, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits

Video Description: Senor, por favor, estoy perdida ?me ayuda? Rebeka, la TEEN SIN DINERO de nuevo a la CAZA DE POLLAS por Barcelona

Despues de redescubrir a la morenita canaria Rebeka Diamond en su ultima camara oculta haciendo buen uso de sus multiples follamigos sabiamos que teniamos que llamarla al momento. Teniamos que comprobar su desverguenza en persona, empezamos haciendole una entrevista a saco, en la que no tuvo problema en revelarnos su aficion al sexo en grupo, a follarse chicas, o como perdio su virginidad con un hombre 13 anos mayor... Sobre el papel lo demostro, pero queriamos pruebas fehacientes. De ahi nuestra propuesta para su siguiente escena: tendria que buscar al proximo pichon en las calles de Barcelona. Rebeka se haria pasar por una turista sin dinero, perdida y a la busqueda de una direccion a 30 km, y buscar a un alma caritativa (y salida) dispuesta a acompanarla. Despues de mucho buscar, conseguimos a la victima perfecta: un madurito que en cuanto ve a una joven Rebeka, no puede evitar seguir a sus bajos instintos y acompanarla a donde haga falta: en este caso, a nuestro piso franco, donde Rebeka terminara de seducirlo. Con la escusa de los nervios, le pone la mano en el pecho y lo demas viene solo: un pichon tan nervioso que se corre varias veces, pero que no tiene problema en seguir follando. Una Rebeka que nos demuestra con creces su falta de verguenza. ?Una escena que no os podeis perder!

Lulu Pretel and her AMAZING ASS come back on just one condition: She wants a HORSEDICK NEW!!! 27-05-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Lulu Pretel, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Big ass, BBC, Hardcore

Video Description: Lulu Pretel y su CULAZO vuelven solo con una condicion: Quiere un RABO DE CABALLO

'Sup, dudes! Jesus Reyes back again. My mission of bringing you the kinkiest and sexiest girls continues, and today I'm going to show you something special. Someone that hasn't been around for a long time, and whom I'm sure you missed very, VERY much. None other than goddess Lulu Pretel, one of the best asses that've come around FAKings. She wanted a comeback, but it had to be a spectacular one! Well guys, as soon as she saw the size of my dick and what was waiting for her, he didn't think it twice. That was the comeback she was looking for. And so we come to the thing that's before your eyes: ONE OF THE BEST ASSES YOU'VE EVER SEEN, bouncing on my black dick and enjoyying it whole. A proper comeback, in which Lulu is going to prove that she not only hasn't lost faculties over the years, but she has won 'em. But I won't distract you any longer, see it for yourselves!

Number #1 In the hood, and there goes the 3rd. TARGET: Clueless babes. PREFERENCES: Broad, busty, tame and submissive Someone will fall for it NEW!!! 25-05-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Nika Oliver, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits

Video Description: Remember Nika? A young but shy broad? We suspect you do, it's impossible to forget those HUMONGOUS TITS! Many of you watched her debut, back in the day. She had come to us after being picked up in the streets and wanting us to delete her scene. Not only we didn't do it, but she ended up shooting another one for us. We knew you'd been asking us a lot what happened that day... Well, ask no more, 'cause the moment had come for us to discover a yet-unreleased video that, at long last, we've decided to surface. The day we discovered this spectacular broad, her ass and her enormous natural tits, not to mention her sweet face and voice. Check on why Nika wanted us to delete this scene, that confirms what we already knew about this young woman. That as soon as she gets wet, she stops listening to reasons!

Valentina Bianco - Ep. 10: RIMJOB to my guy, SQUIRTING in the penthouse, fingering in the shower and great fuck with my husband. Im Valentina, and I get kinkier by the day tee hee hee NEW!!! 22-05-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Valentina Bianco, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina

Video Description: ?Hola chicos! Aqui Valentina, de vuelta por FAKings :-) Quiero que veais esto. No se que me pasa con la cuarentena: no se si es por estar todo el dia encerrada, por no poder salir de casa o que, pero es un hecho: CUANTO MAS DURA LA CUARENTENA, MAS GUARRA ME VUELVO. ?Que no me creeis? Esperad a ver este video. La poca verguenza que ya tenia antes de todo esto, se ha perdido completamente. Desde hace tiempo he empezado a MASTURBARME EN EL BALCON PARA QUE TODOS ME VEAN. Esta ultima vez acabe tan cachonda que hice un SQUIRTING SALVAJE sin importarme que me viera u oyera nadie. Por supuesto, despues de semejante dedazo seguia cachonda como una perra. Necesitaba una polla que me follara de verdad. Asi que fui directa a la ducha, donde me esperaba mi marido, duro como una piedra despues de oirme y verme toda mojada. Despues de lavarme el conito en la ducha, me fui directa a su pollon y me taladro sin piedad en el mejor polvo he tenido en mucho tiempo, rematando con su corrida en mi boca mientras le hacia un BESO NEGRO que no olvidara. La verdad, todavia me mojo al pensar lo bien que lo pase aquel dia. Desde ahi solo se puede ir hacia arriba, ?no creeis? ;)

Montse Swinger - My last supper in Casa de Campo before the quarantine. Creampie in my pussy and a cum in my face NEW!!! 20-05-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Montse Swinger, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina,Milf, Big ass, Big Butt, POV

Video Description: Mi ultima merienda en la Casa de Campo antes de la cuarentena. Creampie en mi chochito y una corrida en mi boquita

Hi guuuuys! Whats up? Hows that quarantine going? I hope its going well, though Im pretty sure that Im among all the things youre missing ;) but easy there, Im ready to amend it with the video youre going to see. Its a little thing I filmed a short time before we all got in our houses. You see, Ive a friend thats almost as horny as I am, that also gets turned on by COUNTRY SEX, where anyone could see us (and usually they do), so one day we got the great idea of going around Casa de Campo, looking for the perfect place to let loose and film ourselves doing it, to show it to all of you. I was so horny that as soon as we got there I started milking his cock, licking it until he couldnt take it anymore and DROPPED HIS LOAD ALL OVER MY FACE. And it could seem that would be the end of it, but it was only the beginning. He was so horny that, two minutes after cumming for the first time, he was ready for fore, and so I was quickly licking his dick again before riding it. And since great beginnings can only have great endings, we finished it with a SPECTACULAR CREAMPIE INSIDE MY PUSSY, summing up an afternoon that I would remember for a long time. Hope you like it! XOXO, Montse.

Banshee y Pepe - YELLOW PORN. Take-away petite teens for Carlitos the mad Chinese guy. Baby Banshee, we missed you :) NEW!!! 18-05-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Banshee y Pepe, Carlitos El Chinito, FAKings, Spanish, Porno Espanol, Spanish Porn, Latina, Teen

Video Description: PORNO AMARILLO. Teens diminutas a domicilio para "Carlitos chinito loco". Baby Banshee, te echabamos de menos :)

Hoy estamos ante un nuevo capitulo en lo que tenemos que empezar a llamar "Las aventuras de Carlitos", con la aparicion estelar de alguien a quien echabamos de menos. Pero primero, una pequena introduccion: Hace unos dias, aprovechando que nuestro Chino Loco favorito estaba por Madrid, decidimos gastarle una pequena broma. Quedamos con el, mientras a la vez organizabamos como iba a recibir un paquete inesperado al poco de llegar nosotros. Despues de un rato charlando, llamaron al timbre: ?Nuestro paquete habia llegado! Bastante confuso por su parte, Carlitos lo abrio, y acabo llevandose su sorpresa del dia. Nada menos que Banshee, nuestra microscopica mujer perfecta, que tambien teniamos desaparecida y regresa para deleitarnos con sus admirables proporciones a escala. Por supuesto, el mensajero era su tambien reaparecido Pepe, quien nos habia contactado hace poco para traernos de nuevo a su jovencita novia. Carlitos no puede contener su emocion al contemplar ese cuerpo alucinante (Y francamente, nosotros tampoco), asi que no tarda nada en empezar a desnudar a Banshee ayudado por su novio, rematando en una fantasia cumplida para el Chino Loco y un polvo de escandalo entre una parejita muy, muy amateur. ?FAKings lo vuelve a hacer!
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