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Scat Anal Fisting: My Shit In Your Ass! - MFX-1156 (Year 2006)
MFX-240 - Scat School 2 (SD 240p)
Passionate Scat Meeting - MFX-1291 (Year 2000)
MFX Europe Scat - The best of scat dumping moments 12 (MFX 835)
Eva Elfie, Nancy A, Sybil - Lesbian Threesome [FullHD 1080p] - WowGirls | 1.06 GB
Bruna, Carol Castro, Babi Ventura - FaceShitting! (4K 2160p)

Anal Therapy: Aiden Starr Rekindles Lost Love Through Rough Anal [HD 720P]

Genre: EverythingButt, Lesbo, Anal, DP, Strapon

Video Description: Lexi Lore and Gia Derza sit in awkward silence, waiting for their couple's therapy session with Dr. Aiden Starr. Aiden introduces her self to the two. She tells them to relax and listens to both sides. Gia explains that when Lexi is asleep, she plays with Lexi's asshole, but never when she's awake. Lexi wishes Gia would just be honest about her wants and needs. Aiden suggests a new technique to Gia and she agrees to it. Aiden dangles a pendant in front of her eyes and Gia drifts off to sleep. Just then, Aiden puts her arm around Lexi, gropes her tits through her short dress and tells her to bend over. Lexi spins around in her chair and puts her ass high in the air and Aiden shoves her thumb up Lexi's ass. Aiden gets a clear glass butt-plug and slides it inside her hole. She pops it in and out, making Lexi's asshole gape. Gia wakes up shocked to see her girlfriend getting her ass fucked by their therapist. Aiden yells at her to come lick her girlfriends asshole and Gia rushes to Lexi's hole and licks it furiously. Aiden bends Gia over her leather chair and spanks her perfect tight round ass until it turns pink. She pulls Gia's panties down and spreads her ass cheeks. Aiden takes a blue butt-plug and stuffs Gia's ass with it. She stuffs it in and pulls it out making big gapes. She leaves the plug inside and presses a vibrator against her pussy and Gia cums so hard that she shoots the plug out of her ass. Aiden tells Gia to go masturbate in the corner while she watches her fuck her girlfriends ass with a big clear glass toy. She fucks Lexi with a strap-on and fucks Gia with a big dick on a stick. After stuffing a big metal ball, and the entire slink up Lexi's ass, Aiden makes them kiss, ending their therapy session.
Feeding my slave Diana, Alana - MF-7229 (FullHD 1080p)
Eva Elfie and Nancy A - Lesbian Love [FullHD 1080p] - WowGirls | 1.12 GB

Cassidy Klein Jane Wilde Victoria Voxxx And Juliette March [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: AdultTime, teen, lesbo

Lizzy And Nika - Hot Girl Totally Breaks A Slut [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Video Description: Nika writes SLUT right across Lizzys forehead with a marker. Then she writes CUM DUMPSTER across Lizzys chest. She draws an arrow pointing to Lizzys mouth and writes COCK HOLE. Nika is going to take Lizzy to her first frat party and Lizzy will have to go with all this degradation written on her body. This is so the boys will all know that she is a slut and she is for their sexual use. Nika points out how fat Lizzy has gotten. Lizzy did not realize that she had gained so much, but the truth is that this is where all her low self-esteem has gotten her. Fat and slutty. Nika writes GLORY HOLE on Lizzys pussy because tonight her most special body part will be used just like a glory hole for any boy that wants it. Nika makes Lizzy look in the mirror. Lizzy cries. She can see how pathetic she is, especially when compared side by side to a popular girl like Nika. Nika drags Lizzy by the hair to the toilet. Lizzy screams and protests while Nika dunks her head in the toilet. It seems its not even possible for things to get worse for Lizzy, but they will later on at the party when she is forced to have lots of sex against her will. Nika will mentally break the inferior female completely for reasons no sane person could comprehend.
Ariel and Oxana - True Lesbian Love [FullHD 1080p] - WowGirls | 733 MB
Kate Kennedy, London River - Dinosaur Zoo (2020 / HD 720p)
Aisha Bahadur (31) - Curvy mature Aisha Bahadur wants you to join her in bed [FullHD 1080p]

1017 MB
Karis (22), Maria (85) - Hot teeny babe having sex with a lesbian Granny [FullHD 1080p]

1.27 GB
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