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Kinsley Kane - 19 Years Old - Episode 1951 [HD 720p]

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Kinsley Kane - 19 Years Old [HD 720p]

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Kinsley Kane - 19 Years Old [SD 432p]

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Ava Sinclaire - 23 Years Old - Episode 1950 [SD 432p]

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Ava Sinclaire - 23 Years Old [SD 432p]

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Alice Moore - 21 Years Old - Part 1 BTS [FullHD 1080p]

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Alice Moore - 21 Years Old  - Part 1 BTS [SD 432p]

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Alice Moore - 21 Years Old - Part 2 [SD 432p]

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Penelope Kay - 19 Years Old [HD 720p]

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Penelope Kay - 19 Years Old [SD 432p]

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Penelope Kay - 19 Years Old [HD 720P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, teen, hardcore, oral

Video Description: What's tiny, acts shy, likes big cocks, & has fucked way too many guys to keep count? If you guessed 19 year-old down to fuck sweetie Penelope Kay then you're right and this girl is down to fuck I tell you. Don't let this little girl's voice fool you, or the way she acts coy around strangers. This girl is built for sex and once the ice is broken this sex starved kitten comes out scratching and will definitely show you a good time. So once Jay gets to know Penelope a bit better she gets naked on the couch and we get our first look at her cute as a button pussy before she dives right in for some sex toy action. Damn this girl is cute and has a sexual appetite that we just love exploiting. Next Jay has her suck his cock before retiring to the comfort of the bedroom were she can get properly fucked and a proper fucking she does get. This video is on the short side but doesn't lack any of the sex you expect from us. It's just straight to business with Penelope and we hope you like it. So don't let unassuming first impressions mislead you because the next time you're at a college party, the shy quiet little girl that looks afraid to approach new people just might be the best fuck of your life. Just saying. Enjoy Penelope. Jay did.

Selina Bentz - 18 Years Old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, ExploitedCollegeGirls k2s porn, ExploitedCollegeGirls free download, teen, hardcore, pov

Video Description: If you like young inexperienced 18-year-old girls that just graduated high school and are eager to fuck and suck large cock then today is your day. Meet Selina Bentz all you perverted fucks out there and get ready for a newbie's introduction to great sex. This interview is short and for good reason because Jake can't wait to get his hands and cock on this one. You see Selina is in serious need of dick and Jake is in rare form today ravaging Selina like a dog in heat and it's exactly what she needed. How many times has Selina cum before in one fuck session? If you said 5 you are correct and she's well on her way to breaking that record having 3 orgasms in the car alone with the Hitachi. It's also the first time she's ever used one but she's going straight to the sex shop to buy one right after today that's for sure. Of course Selina is the type of slut in training who likes to be called names like slut and whore, and guess what? Jake's more than willing to oblige our little whore in training as she sucks and fucks her first cock on camera for all our viewing pleasure. But is she submissive Steve and the type of girl that loves to be told what to do? Yes she is and we told her what to do a lot, doing everything our perverted minds can think of. She likes to be spit on and licks Jake's ass for her first rimming ever also. God I love my job and you're welcome. Yes this scene was shot back in July and good things cum to those who wait, and the wait is over. So get ready, here's 18yo Selina Bentz.
Dakota Knight - 23 Years Old [SD 432p]

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KAI WEST PT 2 ANAL - 20 Years Old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, teen, anal, hardcore

Video Description: Today is Anal day and why is 20yo Kai West's pussy and asshole so magical? Well, I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question. Some things are better left a mystery I guess and things start off innocently enough with super sexy Kai impressing us with a sexy as fuck outfit for her 2nd sex on camera; and what an outfit. "I did my hair really nice today" she said with that smile I'm sure she has stolen a few boyfriends with. We agree. Your hair is super nice and you are super sexy Kai. So who's Kai here to do her first porn scenes with? It's her best friend Bri Klein who just happened to do her scene for ExCoGi the day before and both these girls have that "shwing" factor that makes every guy hard and girl moist. Did they also take BBC Steve? They sure did over on BlackAmbush the first day they were here so keep your one eyed monster on the look out for that one. It's hot. Anyways, Kai and Bri have been best friendzies for years, and by friendzies I mean best LEZ friendzies. Yeah you know the kind. The kissing and licking each other's pussies, kinda friendzies. Both Garth and Wayne say SHWING ALERT, and this weekend wasn't Wayne's World. It was Bri and Kai's World and we're just along for the joy ride that includes something Kai has been lacking in her current sex life. You see ever since her BlackAmbush scene Kai has become a size queen and Jake's got the exact tool necessary in our effort to continually break that dry spell of small BF dick she's been stuck in. Yeah we're pretty sure she's been including anal as part of her repertoire since her BF's got a small dick she tells us and this anal pounding is a FUCK YOU to him. Well don't fret Kai, Jake's here to help out and he's going to explore Uranus today with some larger sized porn dick. We guarantee it. So strap yourself in. It's going to be a bumpy fun ride as Jake fucks the shit out of your pussy and asshole for the fucking of your life. So PLEASE! Everyone PLEASE sit back, strap yourself in and keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship's about to take off for Uranus Kai and the much anticipated proper analing of your nether regions. You're welcome.
Alexia Anders - 21 Years Old [HD 720p]

1.41 GB
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