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Kayley Gunner - 23 years old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits, POV, Hardcore, Blonde

Video Description: We'll be there quicker than you can say "Big Cocks". Yes we have a certified ex-military machine gunner and all out badass for today's exploitee. Meet 23 year-old first timer Kayley Gunner. She's super excited and nervous but still a badass hottie with a big booty and the first things you meet are her twins popping through her top in all their perky glory. Yes Kayley isn't shy and confesses the military bought her her tits, so that's something else to thank our armed services for. Not only is freedom worth fighting for, so are recently purchased fake ginormous titties! Thanks Uncle Sam, Jake will surely enjoy these fun guns. We salute you! Now Kayley is a wild thing and may know how to handle a big ass machine gun but she has been cursed with the mediocre cock syndrome her whole life. And Kayley's no spring chicken or sheltered little thing neither. No! She's been a round the block more than a few times yes, but all those blocks were cursed with guys and their small mediocre cocks. Well all that's about to change today Kayley and it's about time, because were going to drive you around the ExCoGi block of big cocks today and we get right to it. "Oh boy don't put me on the spot" Kayley says as Jake probes our machine gun hottie and gets her right naked, right quick. Yes SIR! This girl knows how to follow orders and escapes out of her clothes right quick as drill sergeant Jake feels up our newbie and is bursting with anticipation of drilling her with his gun. With a body like this Kayley you must like sports and we find out that our little slut in training likes girls just as much as guys, having her first lesbian experience as a high school cheerleader. Booya! I just love stories involving sex and cheerleaders and Kayley's got a bunch, telling us that she's had a few orgies and fucked a lot of her high school cheering pals. My dick's getting hard and if yours doesn't also after watching this car interview and hot as fuck car sex there is definitely something wrong with you. Oh, and your pussy wet also girls. Don't want to forget the ladies that like porn. Yes girls like porn just as much guys and Kayley's an admitted connoisseur of fuck flixs and confessed she looked up our man Jake to see what kind of a ride she's in for today. "I'm never going back to mediocre cocks again" super sexually satisfied Kayley admitted during her post shoot interview before showering off all that hot sticky cum she got splatted with. "Today was the best sex I have ever had" were her last words, and parting words were never so sweet or so true. So grab your lube or favorite vibrator, lay back and watch this hot as fuck, rough sex video to see why it was the best sex of her life.
Enjoy, Steve
Kayley Gunner - Kayley Gunner 23 Years Old [SD 432p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Katie Carmine [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls

Annette Benz - Annette Benz - Part 2 [SD 400p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

711 MB
Annette Benz - Part 1 [FullHD 1080p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Destiny Cruz - 24 years old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Hardcore

Video Description: Jake...I-AM-YOUR-PORN-DIRECTOR and it is your DESTINY to take this sweet but not so innocent girl on a CRUZ of LIFE CHANGING SEX! Feel the pussy Jake. Feel the PUSSY. "Life changing" sex were the sweet out of breath words uttered by this week's exploitee after Jake used his light saber on 24 yr-old star-struck princess Destiny Cruz. So lets meet our rising starlet who just happened to stop by the explotee hotel room to get the fucking of a lifetime, and I do mean FUCKING of a lifetime from. I would say it's maybe a tie between her first sex on camera with Isiah Maxwell the day before over at BlackAmbush or today's dicking from Jake, so let's call it a toss up and Destiny is never going back to tinder. "I thought I wouldn't need to take a break or use my safe word" Destiny said with confidence at the beginning of the scene. Well Jake showed Ms. Cruz she does have limits and mind-blowing sex is achievable. She had to take a few breaks, wink. I don't think she will forget this weekend spent in AZ anytime soon that's for sure. So things start off with Destiny trying on a few outfits just to see what Jake wants to fuck her in. A little red dress with easy access is just the ticket and Jake gets right to work accessing all of Destiny's secret places and trying a few toys on her because this girl is primed and ready to go. Oh and she has so many orgasms this fuck session she can't count that high. I don't think I can either, so trust me this girl is orgasmic. Next she sucks dick like to future pro she is with that oh so nice ass up in the air with all its glory giving us a full moon during this shoot that's for sure. But once she got Jake's dick in her I thought, "Did Isiah fuck this girl to hard yesterday?" because Destiny pussy was pretty sore. But thank God for a girl on a mission to push through the pain because once the astroglide came out there was no stopping her and this scene turned into one of the hottest shoots to date. I mean fuck-in-A man it's over 2 hours long so I just had to brake the BTS, makeup, and hot-as-fuck shower with BJ into it's own clip. Trust me this 90 min scene is full of hot fucking, sucking, chocking, hole probing, cum eating, ass fingering, deep- throating, gagging, ass licking good stuff to beat your meet to. Her BlackAmbush scene is hot as fuck also. So check out future superstar Destiny Cruz and her BTS scene being released in a few days and MAY THE FORCE, I mean pussy, BE WITH YOU!

Crissy Floyd - 18 years old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Ebony, Amateur

Video Description: Today's exploit is 18 year old Crissy, with a C, Floyd and she has a roommate. But Steve, why do we care about whether she has a roommate? Let me explain you. Two days before this sweet ebony goddess graced us with her perfect, AND I DO MEAN PERFECT body. Crissy's roommate Annette was over to do her debut sexing at BlackAmbush and then the ExCoGi hotel room is why and it was during Annette's makeup she just happened to mention she has a "super cute" and petite little hottie of a roomy. "I want to try a scene" said Crissy when Annette confessed she was going to take the porn plunge with us. THANK YOU GOD is all I can say. Now Annette's BlackAmbush scene just dropped last week and it's a scorcher, so go check it out if you haven't. Oh! And her ExCoGi scene is coming out soon so keep your eyes pealed for that thing as well. You won't be disappointed with our exploiting of her holes here either. But today's focus is on little miss Crissy and her very athletic, trim, perfectly fuckable pussy and body. When Annette showed us her roomy's pictures we said, "Let's get this girl exploited and fast! And that's exactly what we did. Things start off innocently enough with a big smile on Crissy's pretty little face as Jake gets her naked in the back seat. "I wasn't expecting to do all this. I just want to see it," she said as Jake whipped his cock out and Crissy began to suck him. I have to say this little hottie has some of the best 32A titties I have seen in a while and the cutest little pussy to boot. And when I say pretty little pussy? I mean PRETTY LITTLE PUSSY! Damn she's fine. Did I say she has a pretty pussy? Damn that pussy is fine. Anyways the car sex is intense and lots of it so enjoy. You're welcome. Now back at the hotel we find out a little bit more about Crissy's wild side and I wish I knew more girls like Crissy back when I was young because the stuff this girls has done by the tender age of 18 would make an older women blush. Sorry mom and dad but your little girl's a slut and we love it! So lets get a damn good proper look at this gorgeous body on this girl as she strips on the bed. Did I say this girl has a rocking body and pretty pussy? She does and we get a good look at it as she starts to massage that pretty pussy of hers with the Hitachi. Of course Jake finger fucks our ex-high school track athlete because she has a fucking beautiful pussy and you should never let a good pussy go to waste. "Damn your pussy is tight" Jake declares as our newbie has her first of many orgasms of the day. Next up is her first squirting and another orgasm while Jake gets his cock sucked. Can Crissy suck a cock well? Fuck yeah she can and she knows how to fuck with that pretty pussy of hers as well. Did I say this girl has a pretty pussy? She does and Jake fucks the shit out of her and shows her what a proper fucking is from a professional. Of course everything is shot in multi camera angles for your full fapping and viewing pleasure. Just watch as her pussy and butthole puckers with every thrust of Jake's cock down her throat. Love it. Jake fucks this little newbie in a few more positions then finishes this "love making" with a face full of cum before Crissy confesses in the bathroom how much fun this experience was and she doesn't regret it. Yet. "How are we going to tell our future boyfriends we did porn," was her question to Annette a few nights back before they both took the plunge. I guess when you're 18 your boyfriends are your future and not the guys that will want to commit their lives and want to marry you. Not the guys that are going to devote themselves to you and support you emotionally and financially. You know the guys that will lovingly plant their seed in you and give you your children. Yeah how will they ever tell your "boyfriends" of the week or month they did this? Easily. Honey before I met you I did porn and it was FUCKING WONDERFUL! And yes Jake fucked me way better than you do. But hey, how does a beautiful young girl spread her love and joy for people to see. This is how and it's a glorious thing.
Enjoy the joys of youth! Steve
Crissy Floyd - 18 Years Old [SD 432p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Katlyn James - 21 Years Old [SD 432p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Katlyn James Anal - 21 years old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Anal, Anal Creampie

Video Description: Here is Katlyn James First Anal scene on camera and First orgasm from anal, enjoy!
Blake Blossom - Part 2 - 20 Years [SD 432p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 - 20 years old [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits, Blonde, Casting

Video Description: If you missed Part 1 of Blake Blossom's Epic debut scene here at ExCoGi you have to check it out. But in case you didn't, the beginning of Part 2 gives you a little taste of the fun rides the Blake Blossom Amusement Park has to offer and the fun Jake had riding everything this blooming flower had to offer on the car ride to the hotel. With so much "Strange Danger" about, a quick call to mom before her beautiful daughter takes dick on camera is always a safe bet and today's scene is MOM APPROVED! "She's 20 FUCKING years old. Why does she need my consent?" declared "Mom" over the speakerphone. You kiss your loved ones with that mouth Mom? If Mom only knew the day's planned debauchery and perversion awaiting her little flower blossom, she would be more concerned about stranger danger. Maybe Mom is SEX STARVED and she wants to live vicariously through sexy daughter Blake. Mysteries abound us. Anyways, lets focus on Mom's blossoming offspring shall we? "I don't get naked in front of many people," confessed Blake. Could have fooled us how easy it was to get you into your birthday suit in the car and then again naked during your makeup. Blake, your a natural exhibitionist. "I don't know what that means", she said with a perplexed face. It's what you're becoming dear by fucking in a moving car and stripping bare ass naked in front of 3 complete strange men you just met minutes before. God bless America! She then followed those statements up with more of what we wished every naked young beauty would say to 3 strange men in a hotel room, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it". YES PLEASE. We do tell her what to do, and guess what? She does everything on our checklist like the good like super slut in training she is, and I mean EVERYTHING. Right off the bat Jake makes Blake squirt and gives her her very first orgasm ever with the "Hitachi Thingy". That's her new BFF for sure. Next Blake gobbles Jake's cock with her sweet DSL's and takes his baby arm down that oh so fuckable throat like she hasn't seen a real cock in months, which she hasn't. "Fuck me now please", she whispers to Jake. Not before we make her rim his ass. Check. "I'll try" declared our eager beaver as I use the Hitachi on her pussy while Jake's nuts teabag her pretty face. The way she squirms as her pussy lips vibrate from the Hitachi is fucking hot and hard! The only thing I love more than telling a girl to lick ass for the first is when a girl does lick ass for the first time after I tell them to. This outgoing obedient girl is special and from what I can tell, very sex starved by how eager she is to please. Trust me, Jake takes full advantage of his self-proclaimed perverseness and gives her the fucking of her life for sure. Of course the rest of this scene lives up to everything you expect from the perverted fucks we are and confirms you don't want us to get a hold of your daughters or college coeds. We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we enjoyed making it because this is one fucking hot of a scene. Just remember this thought. Beautiful ExCoGi pussy like Blake Blossom is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy so happy fapping! Stay Safe - Stay Home. Wash your HANDS and Wash your BUTT!
Enjoy, Steve

Blake Blossom Part 1 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits, Blonde

Video Description: Does your mom know you're doing this? That was the question asked of this week's exploitee Blake Blossom as Jake and I drove through her well-groomed and upscale community as we pulled up to the very nice home she lives in with her mother. "Oh yeah she knows and is cool with it" proclaimed eager Blake in her sweet, sexy giggly voice. Right away we new we were in for a treat with this one because Blake has the personality and voice you just want to fuck over the phone. "Oh my god... She's so hot", confessed Jake, with a big smile on his face as we pulled up. It reminded me of a kid pulling into Disneyland with his parents for the first time, and his eye widen like saucers as he gazes upon all the massive fun rides he will get his hands on and soon ride. Yeah it was kinda like that for Jake I think as he gazed upon very fuckable, 20 year old Blake with her 32DD tits and curvy, it all right places, body. "What ride will I go on first" I'm sure was dancing through that perverted mind of his, because I have to admit, she's special this one. As the car door opened Jake scampered out to meet our unsuspecting amusement ride and her twin sisters that precede her. "You are so hot" was her greeting from Jake. "I am?" responded Blake coyly. These are the car rides wet dreams are made of and I'm sure everyone won't mind Jake getting right to the business of unwrapping Blake so he can go on his first ride in the car. We do however take the time to have Blake properly introduce herself and say a few words, but shortly there after the fun stuff begins. I won't bore all of you regurgitating the brief car interview questions. Most of the interview happens back at the hotel anyways at the end of the car ride, but trust me, this car sex and hotel interview is so hot and long we decided to make this scene 2 parts. Not many girls can command enough great content to warrant 2 updates from the same day but Blake is that kinda gal. "This is so crazy and fun you guys", sexy Blake declares as she strips down to her birthday suit in front of two complete strangers. The power of a hot expensive car to influence inexperienced young girls to get their juices flowing and explore their sexuality at 90 mph. Love it. Yeah this car ride is that hot and Jake takes full advantage of the situation giving our newbie a good taste of what she's been needing, from the only industry that can fill those needs. What "needs" need to be filled from a young hot thing like Blake you ask? GREATEST MIND BLOWING SEX of her life is a good start I'd say. Oh and being physically dominated by a cocks-man like Jake who she's watched in porn and gives her her first squirting and orgasm EVER is another good one. Oh and not to mention sex lasting longer than 10 minutes, yeah that made the list also. The list goes on and on but you get the picture of what Blake is in for today. Lets just say that when I asked her what her favorite position was back at the hotel she screamed with a big smile, CAR SEX! Wasn't aware the car sex was a position but we get what she's saying. Yes this week's scene is broken down into 2 parts because I just felt 3 hours of good content could not be trimmed down into 1 update and it warranted it. So sit down, strap in, keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship is about to take off and your in for a fun ride today. Stay safe by staying home. Wash your hands. Wash your butt!
Enjoy, Steve
Blake Blossom - Part 1 - 20 Years [SD 432p] ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Winter Bell And Vanessa Voxxx Threeway [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ExploitedCollegeGirls, Teen, POV

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