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Charlie Forde - Making A Mess [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Charlie Forde

Video Description: Charlie Forde. Not a barely-legal. Not a MILF. Charlie's what I call at that Super Slut stage of her life. And she's straight outta Australia! Charlie knows, when you start watching this video, that's it's Me Time for you. This means your wife's probably out of the house, or your girlfriend's out with her besties, or you're single and maybe taking a time out from your busy work day. Charlie's gonna start by rubbing one out, and trust me, it's explosive. Giant orgasm.

Jessica Starling, Reese Robbins - the far more experienced Jessica Starling [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Jessica Starling, Reese Robbins, POV, Oral

Video Description: Little Reese Robbins has a problem. A big one. It's her boyfriend's boner, and she needs a little help. Some coaching. After, as Reese explains to her pal -- the far more experienced Jessica Starling -- it's just a blowjob! And what's he expect, anyways? I'm barely 18! Jessica's got Reese's back, as you're about to see. In about half an hour after Reese explains her dilemma, Jessica will have Reese sucking like a porn star. Just you watch! And sure, the dick might end up in Reese's little cunt, but that's just to build up Mr. POV's load. This way, when Jessica finishes the job, and Reese's 18-year-old face is the jizz target, all of Reese's problems will be solved! Enjoy my brother

Valentina Nappi - Fresh Meat [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Valentina Nappi

Video Description: I try to make all my storylines and scenarios as real as possible. I put real in quotes, cause let's face it...this is all acting. Step dads and fake real estate agents and the pizza delivery dude with a boner. It's all fake. Enter Valentina Nappi. Who's Mr. POV today? Valentina asked. When I answered, Nick Strokes, she smiled. Ohhhhh, Valentina cooed. Fresh meat. I've never worked with him before. New dick makes my cunt wet! So there you have it. The title of my movie, and today's storyline. As real as it gets. Valentina Nappi is a huge pornstar, who's fucked every big name male and female pornstar to date. But have some new dick on set for her, and Valentina Nappi lights up like Christmas Tree. A Roman Candle on the 4th of July. You get it. Enjoy my dude!

Dharma Jones - deep from the gut [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Dharma Jones

Video Description: This isn't your first night out with Dharma Jones, but it's an important one. After a handful of dates, Dharma's finally come back to your bachelor pad. There's a vibe in the air. Something tells you -- deep from the gut -- things with Dharma are about to get very, very interesting. Very sexy. You've watched Dharma tease all night at the restaurant, and now she's just admitted it Dharma loves to tease. Dharma's a pleaser, too!! She loves to show off her curves to both men and women, and she's eager I guess I'm a difficult person, but I love to please! Dharma's mouth. Dharma's throat. Dharma's tight, little cunt. All this results in one thing Dharma's heavy load.

Aubree Valentine - She Worships Dick [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Aubree Valentine, POV, Hot ass

Video Description: Aubree Valentine. What a piece of ass. Aubree doesn't fuck around, either. I mean, just look at her kick off this high-energy, totally gonzo porn flick! Working the camera with her intense eye contact before making her way over to Mr. POV's throbbing boner. Once it's revealed, and Aubree whispers I'm so lucky, it's Mr. POV's swollen nut sac getting sucked on. Aubree loves worshipping dick, as her amazing performance shows here. How about the way Aubree's tongue works Mr. POV's shaft? Or the fact Aubree was here for a blow job scene but ended up shoving the dick up her sopping wet cunt!? Aubree finishes the job all right...all over her pretty face. Then, watch her rub one out as the cum drips off her face before she crawls off set! Aubree Valentine is no joke!!
Aubree Valentine - She Worships Dick [FullHD 1080p]

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Aria Valencia, Tiana Blow - The Good Gonzo Girls [FullHD 1080p]

1.46 GB
Amber Summer - I Like Older Men [FullHD 1080p]

1.27 GB

Amber Summer - The Dick Suckers [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Amber Summer, Young, POV

Video Description: You've had your eye on your step-daughter's bestie, Amber Summer, for quite a while now. After-school study sessions. Sleepovers. Dinners with the family. Family vacations. All of it. And recently you've noticed Amber's been eyeing you! Since Amber's just had her eighteenth birthday, you've got a feeling it's ON. So why did Amber show up today at your house -- out of the blue -- with your family gone? Is it ON? Amber starts by approaching you while you're watching TV on your favorite chair. Amber drops to her knees, and before you can say a single word, she tells you to keep quiet. Amber has some explaining to do. Sure enough. It's ON! But what if you're caught? The wifey and whole family will probably have a heart attack! Who knows -- with Amber offering up her sloppy warm wet spitty mouth and sweet, barely-legal, freshly-shaven cunt, you may have a heart attack too! So grab a beta-blocker, 50mg's of Viagra and a stiff drink it's ON!!

Breezy Bri - The Dick Suckers [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Breezy Bri, POV, Oral

Video Description: Breezy Bri is a sweet, barely-legal piece of ass who has a very busy schedule. That explains why she's on the phone as your cock grows. Being the giant slut she is, Breezy likes exploring various options of diversity and sizes and girth. That's not surprising though! I mean just look at her with big, all natural tits and puffy nips and an always-juicy cunt, Breezy's in demand. She's here today just to suck your dick, but that's a problem for Breezy. It's a major problem for any True Slut! Why just use the mouth? So, after showing off her Head Game which includes some serious ball sucking -- I could do this all day!, Breezy wants it in her. Badly. This is the best decision I've made all day! Breezy declares, before swallowing your thick load down her eager throat. What's left? Why not rub another one out? That is...before she heads over to your place for Round 2!!

Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kim - Stepdaddy's Favorite Show! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kim, Young, Asian

Video Description: Imagine walking into your front room and seeing your stepdaughter Kimmy Kimm playing with her bestieBFF Lulu Chu. Oh sure, you came home way earlier than you told the girls, and what you should probably do is just tip-toe outta there and let the girls have their fun. But you know yourself better. Why not sit down, pull down your trousers, and enjoy the show? Worst-case scenario is the girls get creeped out or mad or both and tell you to leave. Or they haul ass back up to Kimmy's room. Or...well, it's always been an interesting relationship you've maintained with your step-daughter Kimmy. Why not see where this might lead?

Xxlayna Marie - The Dick Suckers [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Xxlayna Marie, Young, POV, Oral

Video Description: Xxlayna Marie has a problem. It's a big one her boyfriend is a prude. He's a Christian who wants to save it for marriage!! Things get more complicated when the relationships are explained you date Xxlayna's boyfriend's sister, and she's the same way. Prude prude PRUDE! So when those two are out of the house, and Xxlayna explains she's desperately horny, know her pain! You're experiencing it too! And since Xxlayna explains it as blowjobs aren't sex which means we're not cheating! that's your que! Your boner grows, Xxlayna sees it, and the next thing you know -- it's ON! But what if things go a little too far? In other words, can you keep a secret? Cause Xxlayna sure can!!

Summer Vixen - The Dick Suckers [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Summer Vixen, POV

Video Description: When you started dating Summer's mother, you knew something was off -- and it was more than Summer's obvious hatred for her mom. She even introduced Summer to you as this is my crazy daughter! Since then, Summer's been eye-fucking you. Every. Single. Day. Summer would do it even when mom was in the same room! That's when you realized it was just a matter of time. So when Summer's mom is away on business, you know where you're gonna wind? In her bedroom! That's when Summer asks, do you wanna see my little fucking cunt? then pulls her sopping wet panties to the side! How about the butt plug jammed up her other hole!! It's ON! And when it's time for Summer to finish the job, she actually says -- Let's play a little game! What hole is Daddy gonna cum in today? Which one would you choose? Mouth? Pink? Or stink?!? Comment below!!
Maria Kazi - Pretty Pretty Please [SD 480p]

386 MB

Marie Kazai - Pretty Pretty Please? [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: The Dick Suckers, TheDickSuckers, Marie Kazai, POV, Blonde

Video Description: Marie Kazai is addicted to the hook up apps. Just look at her now! Marie got you over to her place, and before she even gets your dick in her mouth, she's swiping right. Again. Marie hates monogamy and gets bored easily. If you ask Marie, there ain't nothing better than new dick. Which is why you're over. Marie has DM'd a few times saying, I'm only going to suck your dick! but you have a sneaky suspicion Marie's a huge fucking slut. And huge sluts have a very hard time keeping it out of their little pink fuck holes. Sure enough, the pussy tease has turned into full-blown sex, and before you know it, Marie's swallowing your 3-day-old ball back-up. It's a big load alright, and Marie has no trouble with big swallows. You think that's freaky? Watch how Marie behaves once she swallows!!
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