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Kat Dior, Lyra Law - Evil Cheerleaders [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom Empire, FemdomEmpire, Kat Dior, Lyra Law, Femdom

Video Description: Most guys would do anything to get to spend time around gorgeous cheerleaders, and gorgeous cheerleaders love to abuse their their power as popular Queens of the school. Lyra and Kat love picking on wimpy beta males, they have him stripped naked so they and slap and abuse his balls while taking turns smothering him with their white panties. They laugh as he gasps for and and moans under their asses.

Chloe Cherry, Riley Reid - Experimental Edging Party [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom Empire, FemdomEmpire, Chloe Cherry, Riley Reid, Femdom

Video Description: Miss Riley and Chloe take their science experiment to the next level seeing exactly what it is that makes the male sex organ tick. They take turns sliding over his cock watching him squirm and beg to be fucked but never actually allowing him inside their holes. They would much rather watch him suffer from complete and total frustration as they take him to new heights of edging that he didn't know was possible. Before they finally give him a release and milk out every last drop of cum Riley makes sure to give him a large dose of her precious squirt.