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Auora - The Very Nice Surprise Of Auora ... [FullHD 1080p]

1.18 GB

Tinker Bell - Tinker Bell, 30 years old, self-taught naughty! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Tinker Bell, Milf, French, RedHead

Video Description: With her piercing gaze that confuses our team, the pretty Tinker Bell, 30 years old, makes the camera dizzy! Housewife in Nancy, the young lady combines projects for her pleasure, but also that of others. For example, she used her charms for a calendar that she sold like hot cakes! Very naughty by nature, she takes advantage of her man's understanding to open up to new sexual horizons and try new experiences. And one of them was to shoot in his first video for J&M mixing exhibitionism, blindfold and a well-hung guy ...

Amandine - Amandine, 38, wants to test everything ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Amandine, Milf, French, Anal, Hard fucking, Double penetration, Facial, Anal fuck, MMF threesome, Big ass, DP

Video Description: She had a hell of a foot during her first experience, and has not stopped thinking about it since ... For this slut of Amandine, the dream of shooting a video has turned into an irrepressible desire to continue to show off in front of the camera! The 38-year-old saleswoman finds us in Vitrolles (13) for this purpose, ready to take on our team once again. Except that the milf with the sculptural body was counting on pushing her limits by crunching two pornstars, while tasting sodomies and doubles distilled by them ...
Marina Beaulieu - Marina Has Fun With Doryann [FullHD 1080p]

952 MB
Marina Beaulieu - Marina Has Fun With Doryann ... [FullHD 1080p]

952 MB

Jessie - Jessie experiences the tornado Marie ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Jessie, Milf, French, Big ass

Video Description: It is still very hot in Dole (35) despite the mist and the winter temperatures ... Indeed, this naughty Jessie welcomes us once again to her farm with a particular desire. Delighted with her previous experiences, however, she had an extremely strong desire, that of frolicking with another woman in front of the camera. To allow him to realize this fantasy, we send him the tornado Marie, expert in these games between lesbians ... But obviously, one of our lads had to be also present to complete this explosive picture!

Bianca - Bianca, in memory of J&M ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Bianca, French, Anal

Video Description: With her flashy red dress, the beautiful Bianca clashes right in the middle of Montmartre, where she awaits us! The 27-year-old already knows J&M and the pleasures of a video for having already tried the experience some time ago. Except that since then, the young lady has absolutely not stopped and has multiplied the plans and discovered many practices! In memory of the good old days, she therefore decided to put the cover back in front of our camera, to prove all her progress in the matter and in particular in terms of anal ...

Elise - Elise hard to do with two lads ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Elise, Milf, French, Anal, DP

Video Description: Despite the passing years, Elise is still a bomb that every man would dream of having in his bed. The 47-year-old milf is indeed a young lady with incredible sex appeal, and above all with an overflowing libido ... Alex and Doryann can realize it, they who participate in a small scenario with this beautiful woman. The principle is simple, namely that it welcomes the guys and gives in to their advances of hard fucking, such as sodomies or doubles!

Ashley - Ashley's more naughty request ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Ashley, French, Blonde, Big ass, Double vaginal penetration

Video Description: Head to the Caliente Cafe, in Plan-de-Campagne (13), to find the superb Ashley there. At 25, the young woman takes care of several establishments of this type in the region, which gives her rather busy days. Simply, the young lady always has a bunch of fantasies that she does not necessarily have time to satisfy, which frustrates her enormously! So to speed up the process, she called on our team again with more salacious requests, namely to have fun with two men ... but also to try a double vaginal with pros in the field!

Aurbeaureal - Aurbeaureal, 32 years old, explosive naughty ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Aurbeaureal, Casting, First time woman, Facial, Big tits, Anal fuck, Milf, French, Anal

Video Description: Showing off in the middle of the street or during her somersaults in front of dozens of looks is what thrills the beautiful Aurbeaureal! At 32, this beautiful young woman with a crazy physique has a sassy sex life that she leads at an incredible pace. In fact, she admits that she gets fucked very regularly with her darling, proof of her insatiable appetite ... So to take a step forward and especially to reveal herself to our Internet users, this attractive blonde with the perfect ass has decided to give a hard time to our guy, who however does not hesitate to sodomize her ...

Skyla, Tiny - Skyla is always there! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Skyla, Tiny, French

Video Description: Always so sexy and exciting, the beautiful Skyla decided to get back into action in front of our camera, this time in a little more sensual way. The chef de rang in a restaurant in Martigues (13) indeed wanted to compete with another young lady to share very sulphurous moments ... It is the sparkling Tiny who finds herself facing the tigress martegale, but does not let herself be absolutely not to do by responding tit for tat! If the sluts get lost in a wave of lust, the case does not get better when our guy also enters the scene ...

Sabrina, Marie - Further in the hard with Sabrina! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Sabrina, Marie, Milf, French, Boobs, Big ass

Video Description: Completely fan of our team and of the experiences she can carry out in their company, the beautiful Sabrina finds us once again to continue her sulphurous adventures. The Italian, who we know to be totally shameless, dreamed of a new plan, with in particular a woman ready to take care of her orifices ... Marie was therefore the suitable person for this kind of game, she who handles like no one else. strap-on dildo. Together, the sluts have a great time frolicking according to their fantasies, but are quickly joined by Lucas, who also doesn't waste a thing by sodomizing them thoroughly!

Lylou - There is never anything negative for the beautiful Lylou! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Lylou, Teen, French

Video Description: The holidays continue for the beautiful Lylou, and they are not likely to be quiet! The sublime rascal of La Rochelle once again roams Marseille and its typical little streets, in search of inspiration ... Even if it is not too important, because the young woman already has her little idea behind the head. Indeed, she explains to us that she has a passion for fucking with several well-built men of course ... Obviously, when James and Nico hear her, they can't help but join her quickly to have fun with her!
Sabrina, Marie - Further In The Hard With Sabrina! [FullHD 1080p]

1.04 GB
Mary Jane - Mary Jane, 22, Hot Italian ... [FullHD 1080p]

1.23 GB
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