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Brandi Love - Brandi Love Is Back At It With Some 2 Cock Jerk Off Instruction 3 Way Action [HD 720p]

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Brandi Love - Is Back At It With Some 2 Cock Jerk Off Instruction 3 Way Action [HD 720P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Brandi Love, Milf, Boobs, Blonde

Video Description: Porn starlet and standout Brandi Love puts the her in Hercules in this 3-way wonderlust from Viewers better listen up as the beautiful Brandi gives some valuable instruction to start things off. Directing watchers to hold their loads until she commands, Brandi deals with two cocks presented by Jules and Steve Holmes Love two-hands the rods with a grin. She shows off her tremendous cock-sucking skills then brutally shifts to doggy. The hard-bod babe arches and shines as Jules romps from behind. Brandi moves into cowgirl eliciting more ass admiration. We also get the sense this scene is going to have some length to it. Brandi is really testing out her viewers stamina!

Vina Sky - Tiny Size Queen Takes King Of Cocks, Dredd Balls Deep [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Vina Sky, Teen, Asian, BBC, Dredd XXX, DreddXXX

Video Description: Its DREDD vs. Vina just as the starlet exclaims, in this scene from Jules Jordan. Vina Sky may have Sky in her name but shes heavenly, especially in the cyan and pink floral lingerie she sports. Dont forget the pink pumps she skillfully flaunts as well. The beauty effortlessly draws eyeballs from their sockets during a tease that resolves on a kitchen countertop. DREDD enters and exclaims Wow!, basking in Vinas physical glory...
Vina Sky - Tiny Size Queen Vina Sky Takes King Of Cocks, Dredd Balls Deep [FullHD 1080p]

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Skin Diamond, Juelz Ventura - Naughty Nurses Suck The Life Out Of Jules Jordan [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Skin Diamond, Juelz Ventura, Oral, POV

Video Description: Stellar medical beauties Skin Diamond and Julez Ventura swap slobber, cock and cum in this POV lovers fantasy face fuck vid. Jules Jordan is the lucky patient and has a cock that needs some attention. Julez Ventura and Skin Diamond redefine the Hippocratic Oath, sexily nursing on cock between boughts of lesbian tease. The duo display masterful bj skills creating complex slobber entanglements that the nasties constantly swap and play with. By the end both are naked to the delight of any viewer then plate up an outrageous amount of splooge and cum that the harlots feed on, then share filthy kisses on fade..

Katalina Kyle - Bubble Butt Nympho Gets A Cock Up Her Ass [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Katalina Kyle, Boobs, Big Tits, Big ass, Anal, Blonde, Bubble Butt

Video Description: Katalina Kyles big buttery thickness is back to help pull your eyes from their sockets in this scene from Peeper pleaser Katalina is primped in a pink and white striped string bikini with matching thigh highs. She says Im back with a white smile and Jules says You know what time it is. Katalina responds Booty time. Indeed. Kyle brings more than just ass as her fleshy lines are able to bring smiles from all angles. At one point shes standing in a circular passage. Her back faces the camera and her thighs roll over her stockings while delivering enormous side boob. Capped off with her sexy, slim back pouring into her ass...

Carmen Caliente - Latin Fever Hits Black Passion With Dredd [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Carmen Caliente, Big ass, Latina, BBC, DreddXXX, Dredd XXX

Video Description: Its Carmen Caliente and her prodigious sexual gusto vs DREDD in this scene from Jules Jordan. Big brown-eyed Caliente is a natural charmer. Shes outdoors and dressed in orange lingerie that simply melds with her ass and thighs. She playfully parades on deck and Jules says I could follow this body around all day. Theres no time as DREDD awaits inside and Carmen is down for the challenge. She slides to DREDD on the sofa and he says Whats up. Caliente hilariously responds Your big old dick is whats up...

Slimthick Vic - They Call Her Slimthick Vic Enough Said [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Slimthick Vic, Teen, Big ass, Blonde

Video Description: Slimthick Vick brings big league curves and Jules Jordan puts them in all the right positions in this jack-tastic classic. Slimthick is outdoors and poolside as Jules is mesmerized by Slimthicks fleshy goodness. Blue-eyed Vic is adorned in tropical colored shorts that hug her better than bulbous ass. Jules states I bet this ass has gotten you in trouble. He then has the curvy concubine sit on a plexiglass bench. Vic pops her cheeks as she straddles then drizzles oil onto her hams. Glazed for the punishing stroll up the stairs. Slimthick enters the bedroom topless with her shorts rolled down her backside. Jordan has her sandwich his cock between the meaty mounds.

Gianna Dior - Has A Handle On Dredd's BBC [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Gianna Dior, Teen, BBC, DreddXXX, Dredd XXX

Video Description: Gianna Dior delivers silky smooth erotic pageantry in this scene from Dior resembles a sexual chandelier, adorned in stringed gems along with glittery panties. Her sexy tease sequence effortlessly ends with an awaiting DREDD. Gianna wants to engulf DREDDs meat but she can barely get my lips around it. The stunning starlet knows how to handle girth. She two-hands the girder with intermittent face-fwaps wrapped around slobbery sucks. Fucking ensues and the couple begin with Dior in doggy...

Athena Faris - Is A Mega-Babe And She Wants Your Cum! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Athena Faris, Teen

Video Description: Markus Dupree guides a timid but game Athena Feris through a multi-position screw-a-thon in this scene from Feris is a stout, curvy brown-eyed doe with pierced nipples. She performs a short tease that leads her mouth directly to Duprees cock. He places Athena ass up, face down on the sofa and pile drives. Feris occasionally sucks toe during the romp. After a cowgirl lockdown a seemingly stunned Feris erupts when Dupree furiously fingers her twat. Squirt shrapnel is unleashed multiple times until the well runs dry... After the gushers Athena rides side-saddle emphasizing her small but curvy frame. Some doggy on the arm of the sofa and a standing round of fucking complete some nice peeper pleasing moments. A worn out Feris is finally rewarded with a dick dousing to her mouth and face. Athena seems almost astonished after the entire event...
Katalina Kyle - Bubble Butt Nympho Katalina Kyle Gets A Cock Up Her Ass [FullHD 1080p]

2.11 GB
Gianna Dior - Has A Handle On Dredd's BBC [FullHD 1080p]

2.39 GB
Slimthick Vic - They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said [FullHD 1080p]

1.56 GB

Nicole Doshi - Anal Airlines Layover [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Nicole Doshi, Boobs, Asian, Anal

Video Description: Jules Jordan chooses a complimentary fuck from Nicole Doshi Airlines instead of the snack pack, in this delightful hotel frolic. Jordan hears a rustling outside his room door. When he opens it, a semi-confused stewardess Nicole Doshi wonders why her room is occupied. When she learns it is Jules room she suggests they hang out. Jordan is all too willing to allow the stunning stewardess to prance about in her uniform. Scrumptious Nicole makes her way to the bedroom and skillfully slides onto the bed...

Tiffany Watson - Is A Size Queen Who Wants Massive Meat From Mandingo [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Tiffany Watson, BBC, Blonde

Video Description: Whos in the mood for taking on a big cock challenge? The athletic blonde wrapped in a black strapped leotard is happy to solve the mystery if she can handle Mandingos shaft. A brief ass shake and shes indoors. Mandingo is wrapped in a towel sitting on a sofa. The eager beaver Tiffany begins and she realizes she doesnt need a magnifying glass to behold Mandingo. She gives the giant a good slobbery sucking then calculates backing her ass up on it is the best approach for penetration. Shes able to take a large portion and her harlot howl matches the amount. It only takes one position change to missionary and Watson is announcing shes going to squirt. Its a gusher that resembles an audience event at Seaworld. Tiffany is siren-ing throughout. Oh my god, fucking pounding my pussy is just some of the self narration. A chair doggy session winds things down and her figure shines here. Mandingo relents and Tiffany ingests his load and then puts on a quick bubbling I got cum! show...
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