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Kathalina Lopez Seducing My Husbands Son [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Urma fucks two guys, this young woman is so nice and beautiful that all the guys want to have a good time with her. What a fuck these two hunks get into her, what an exciting and fun scene. Urma has a great time with these two boys, he enjoys like crazy and makes them enjoy himself. This young lady knows how to get us in tune. Do not miss it Urma likes to suck and here he shows it to us.


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Video Description: I have discovered a Goddess !! Roma Amor is the name of this girl that I just discovered in a park. And I don't know how, I convince her to eat it in the same park! there in front of everyone !! Awesome!!! What a beautiful girl, what a great body and face that this girl uses, friends, you are going to fall in love with her. And do not miss it, because to be the first time what an expert doing blowjobs. You will hallucinate with her.

SE LO MONTA CON DOS - Julia Montalban [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Julia Montalban gets it on with two guys, the masked dude and Torbe, and she has a blast fucking like a champion. What to say about the magnificent Julia, because she is wonderful, her body, her face, her sympathy ... all of her is a show. Enjoy what you do and make us enjoy guys. She appears in this scene wearing little clothes and allowing us to glimpse through her shirt the two cookies she has for nipples, she is soon so excited that she does not take long to give a blowjob, and she does it well, friends, she is a beast and when Ride no longer nor do I tell you, you better watch this scene guys.

Pegging Rituals [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Mistress Kat Dior is training her hubby to be the perfect sissy cock slut after finding all those images of him dressed like a bitch. There is no need to lie to his wife anymore as she knows about all his secret sissy slut fantasies and is going to make them all come true. She won't be satisfied until her dick is deep in his ass and he finally admits that he is just a sissy cock whore. Mistress Kat lubes up her big, fat dick and fucks his tight hole as she makes him beg for more and more cock. His hole gets royally stretched and filled out as he learns getting fucked in the ass will be his new daily ritual going forward. No more pleasure for his own cock now that it's locked in chastity as his Mistress's dick will be the only thing getting to fuck from here on out...Open wide bitch!

Vicky Bren - Too much time confined and without fucking... FAKings: Bring me a HORSEDICK that feeds me well ;P NEW!!! 25-11-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Too much time confined and without fucking... FAKings: Bring me a HORSEDICK that feeds me well ;P


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Video Description: I havent had relationship in over 10 years and when I did have one years ago, I was ready to leave within a few months. I never believed in long term relationships, women be tripping over everything. You cant fuck other women, they want to know who calling you or where you at. Fuck that, I like my freedom!! Maybe Im just old and hardcore with my lifestyle. But, every so often I get some young, freak couples that are in love, and can deal with all the relationship stuff, which is a good thing. I want you all to meet Foreign Alure and Gvollo. They been together for almost 2 years now and the way they look at each other and talk about each other you all know they in love. Foreign Alure is a sexy, 19 yrs. old petite mixed white, Rican and black. You can tell she mixed from her piercing hazel eyes and her light skin. She has this beautiful body, with these perky tits and nice, phat juicy pussy. Man, them lips on her, they so thick and juicy especially when she sucking on her man, Gvollos dick. I was like damm.. them dick sucking lips looks soo dam good. Gvollo is one luck brotha for having a cute woman like her. They did a great job for being their first time filmed on camera. These two were fucking hard and she was cumming all over his BBC. The way they were fucking and the emotion she was showing when Gvollos dick was in her. I guess, that's why I call this the Black Love Story cause they were making real passionate love to each other and fucking like the wild young couple they are.

Iris Teen - And now, a HORSEDICK thats worth 50 COCKS. Iris: Oh my God, where have you found that freak [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Today Iris comes back around our studios, and comes to fulfill that challenge we would love seeing every one of our actresses doing sooner or later: THE MONSTERCOCK CHALLENGE! But since we wanted that challenge to be a surprise for young Iris, we didn't tell her anything about what performer she'd have to film with, and neither about his immense cock, since Iris has always talked us about her tight pussy and her problems with big cocks. When he arrives she has no idea what's coming, so we tell her little by little about it, and she realises it little by little that there's no cming back. When Pepe arrives... things change. Thanks to Pepe's know-how, Iris gets over her nerves (nerver we didn't miss), Iris' pussy dillation begins, who, after overcoming her shock she starts getting super-horny when she imagines that giant cock inside her... When the moment for Hijo de Gea's shafting arrives, not only Iris is great with it, but she enjoys her most intense fuck ever. Don't you believe it? See the scene for yourselves and look at her expressions...

Myss Alessandra - My girlfriend WANTS A BLACK DUDE. She can be yours for 700, do you accept? SPOILER ALERT: Myss Alessandra has a good time with the Cuban dudes ENORMOUS COCK [HD 720P]

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Video Description: When Myss Alessandra and RealValle came to FAKings for the first time, they revealed themselves as a shy couple, eager to get into the swinger world, but only little by little, step by step... That seems so far away now! 'Cause here they are again, but they aren't going to turn into swingers little by little, oh no, they're going to dive into it all at once. RealValle has come over to sell his SPECTACULAR GIRLFRIEND to us!! When they arrive they seem nervous, but willing. We don't know what's going to happen, but after some time negotiating, RealValle can't avoid staring the amazing wad of cash we offer in exchange for his girlfriend, and he gives her to us quickly. When the money is accepted, THERE'S NO TURNING BACK. But to make it a better offer for Myss Alessandra, is not a rookie dich what she's about to taste, but Cuban Jesus Reyes' ENORMOUS BLACK COCK. When the fella appears, Alessandra has only eyes for him. We know that what's coming is going to be big, but when it comes at last, our expectations get shattered. Myss Alessandra enjoys THE GREATEST FUCK OF HER LIFE while her boyfriend, who at first seems a litte inhibited when he watches his innocent girlfriend revelling in that black dong, soon joins the party in this interracial threesome. A "Selling my girlfriend" like only FAKings can offer you. We won't distract you any longer. See it for yourselves!

Susy Blue - Operation MORNING HARD-ON: Getting Susy Blue horny after a party night We know, it wont be easy ;) [HD 720P]

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Video Description: A new chapter in which we can only call "Carlitos' Adventures"! In this occasion, we'd been for some days shooting at Chinese Carlitos' apartment, like a true American blockbuster, and with lots of models passing through, and living lots of funny and memorable days... The place is big (Carlitos is very lucky in a lot of senses), people has beeng staying overnight and we've had a very good time. Well, the shoots ended last night, and ended as it can only happen at FAKings... With a wrap party in which everything imaginable happened, and in which people ended up... like they can only end up at a party like this. So this day has dawned with a very mischievous Carlitos, who've gone straight to Susy's room, (honestly,we thing she looks hotter every time she comes around). She told us last night that she wouldn't fuck for a week after the great fuck she received. But of course, one thing is what you say in the heat of the moment and and the other's what you say the morning after. So we've come up with a strategy to making her horny again. Do you think we've made it? Well... come in and look at this fuck.

Lily Morena - Lily, BARELY 18 and already asking for 6 BIG COCKS for her alone... and she says they're too few!!! Free Pussy Day, every woman's dream ;) [HD 720P]

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Video Description: At 18 years old, Lily Morena already has a career many older models would envy. We've seen her fucking on hidden camera, we've seen her taking advantage of confinement (and her own particular way of applauding) with her friend Tommy Cabrio, we've even seen her sharing 5 cocks with mommy Dulce Lylah! Well, making something bigger was pretty difficult after that gangbang, but back then Lily proved us that she wasn't very good at sharing. She wanted several cocks for herself, she didn't want to be sharing them with anyone. So as soon as we found that out we started working in fulfilling her fantasy. Well, after some time looking (we reckon it wasn't very hard for us to look for rookies that wanted to eat this teen up) the moment has come: we've called Lily and told her to come over to have, finally, THE GANGBANG SHE DESERVES. It's time for Lily to lose the (little) innocence she has left. Today, Lily, anywhere she looks, she will only see cocks. Today we're going to see 6 DICKS FOR A 18 YEARS OLD BABE!! Today Lily will prove us that her kink level is so high that even 6 cocks will be not enough for her, and that this young innocent-looking babe has more attitude and kink that many girls with twice the age. Without further ado, let the gangbang begin!

Luciamillunas - A few vacation days. My body asks for a fuck in every corner and squeeze my boyfriend dry. I'm Luciamillunas [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Hi guys!!!! My name is Luciamillunas, and I wanna show you a little thing I did with my boyfriend this last summer... You see, when all this began, confinement caught us separated. More than 3 years without seeing each other! And of course, without fucking. We couldn't hold it! And video call sex wasn't helping very much. That's the reason we told each other that the moment we could finally see each other would be special, not only we would fuck each other like we've never done, but we would get our camera and film it for posterity. So when confinement ended at last we went straight to an hotel to have (and film) the fuck of our lives. You didn't think it wasn't so great? Well look, we couldn't hold it even in our car and my boyfriend was already sticking his fingers inside my wet pussy while he was driving, we got barely to the hotel and I WAS EATING HIS DICK IN THE ELEVATOR, and as soon as we reached the room I WAS ALREADY RIDING HIS COCK WILDLY!!! I'm not lying when I tell you that's been the best fuck of my life, but the fact I filmed it all was even better, so I've decided to send it to you, so you can enjoy it as much as we've done by filming it. Xoxo

ScarletteD_xo - Excited Young Latina Gets Deep Anal Suprise [FullHD 1080P]

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Teresa Ferrer Sexual Slave Taboo Part 2 [FullHD 1080P]

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I want a DOUBLE PENETRATION!!! I'm Sheila and nobody's had a debut a great as I did. Am I wrong! NEW!!! 23-11-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: You can see it's the model herself saying it at the scene's title, and we can only agree. And frankly, we're having serious trouble remembering a porn debut as wild as Sheila's. By way of background: She's Sheila Kaiser, a young babe from Valencia who proved us, with her first hidden camera, that her small size was inversely proportional to her kink, and in which she confessed being a lover of vaginal fisting. Honestly, we had to call her again for her official debut in front of our cameras, and she came to us without thinking it twice, but making one fact clear: she didn't want to make her debut with just one cock, no way. What she wanted was making a her first official scene with two big cocks at the same time, in a SPECTACULAR DOUBLE PENETRATION! Even us, having seen it all, had a hard time believing her. This tiny babe, having her ass and pussy impaled at the same time? Still not knowing what would happen, we called her for the usual interview (In which we estimated she'd fucked at least 800 dudes), the two guys that are going to fuck her finally arrive, and what came next was... well, words elude us, we can only say it's something you have to see for yourselves. 'Cause young Sheila shows us she can eat two cocks up at the same time without second toughts and enjoyng the best double penetration you've seen in a while, leaving the two rookies dry and us begging form more. Sheila' you've just become a true porn model!
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