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Genre: Fist fuck, bondage, slave, amateur, punch, loose, climax

Video Description: This intense fisting scene stars a new amateur slave model 'Stefanie', restricted in bondage and punch fucked in her slack hole by her master, till she reaches a powerful screaming climax! She's an obedient slave that thrives on being helplessly bound and violated as a fist fucking rag doll. See her laid on the bed, with her wrists and ankles shackled to each corner, spread open and completely surrendered to her master to stretch her slutty, loose cunt with his fist. He lubricates his gloved hand and inserts it wrist deep, making Stefanie instantly gasp in euphoria, feeling her hole stretched out to its limits. He penetrates her with slow, intense thrusts, whilst masturbating her clit. Her entire body soon begins to tremble and shudder in ecstasy, as she reaches the incredible climax she desperately craved so much!

Genre: Queen, bottle, gape, gaping, prolapsing, milf, double fist, punch, anal, masochistic, punch fist, climax

Video Description: The perverse anal 'Queen Maria' stars in this shocking ass destruction movie, having her blown out hole double punch fisted and fucked with a huge wine bottle, till its a cavernous, gaping wreck! This ravenous, Latin MILF is simply insatiable when it comes to stretching her ass! She has 0 limits and there's nothing she won't fuck, as long as it's wide enough to push her dilation desires to insane new levels, she'll take on anything! Her favorite of all is two giant man fists! She now has three different partners available to double punch fuck her rectum almost every day of the week and the masochistic anal whore couldn't be happier! Enjoy watching Maria begin this scene bent over on all fours, with her peachy Latin butt facing the camera. Her ass has a humongous permagape thats just hanging open, ready for the savage fisting onslaught she's about to receive. Her BF shoves both fists in to the wrists, twists them around and punches them in and out with brute f0rce! Listen to Marias groans of ecstasy, as he really hammers her hole, making it gape insanely big. She reaches an incredibly hard, screaming climax, but she's still desperate for more anal destruction, so he grabs a wine bottle and slams it in her hole relentlessly from the base end first! This makes Maria shudder in another mind blowing climax, then he continues double fisting her blown out butt hole even more, till it's a prolapsing wreck, and her pussy drools with orgasmic fluids in the aftermath of this thrilling scene that cannot be missed!

Genre: Dildo, gape, gaping, toy, anal, loose, climax

Video Description: The stunning anal slut 'Alex' returns in this thrilling ass destruction scene, stretching her insatiable hole with a 'Monster' energy drink can and XL 'BamBam' dildo, till she reaches multiple intense orgasms! This young babe is so thrilling to watch, with her smoking hot looks and greedy butt hole she can't stop stretching wider! But what we love about her most is her obsession to devour every toy she fucks entirely balls fucking deep and she's conquered some of the very biggest on the planet! Enjoy watching Alex begin this scene inserting a huge Monster energy drink can from the base, completely to its top, then slip her fishnet G-sting over it. This gives some nice resistance as she births it back out, and looks so fucking hot seeing her pink lingerie being stretched towards us, whilst she pushes out the giant can! Whats left behind is a beautiful, winking anal gape and Alex is only just starting to blow it out! She grabs her XL BamBam dildo, measuring 12" tall x 3.75" thick, squats over its head with her bubble butt facing the camera and slams right down from its head to base! See her elasticated anal ring stretching tightly round the BamBam's shaft every time she lifts up and squats back on its balls! That's 12" of monster cock buried entirely up AlexBreeCooper 's rectum, making her belly bulge from the inside, till she reaches an intense, body shattering climax, then shows us her obliterated, overstretched butt hole, gaping directly at the camera in the aftermath!

Genre: Queen, dildo, gape, gaping, prolapse, toy, anal, climax, blond

Video Description: A drop dead gorgeous, new size Queen 'KSU' stars in this incredible debut video, double penetrating her blown out butt hole with an XL h0rse cock and double dildo, till she reaches the most intense, screaming orgasms and her hole's a perma gaping wreck! Size Queens just don't come more beautiful than this stunning lady, with an impeccable body, super huge breasts and the face of an Angel! But this ravenous anal whore is not angelic in any sense of the word! She's a self confessed anal nympho, addicted to stretching out her rectum to shocking levels and she's so fucking arousing to watch destroying her hole! Enjoy seeing this stunning slut triple penetrating her ass with three giant dildos, whilst frantically masturbating her clit, till she reaches her first intense climax and shows us her blown out anal prolapse! It's completely fucking wrecked, but she's still horny to ruin it even more! Her next toy is a humongous h0rse dick measuring 16" tall, which she stands beneath her and slams her hole right down to its medial ring, making its head bulge her belly from the inside! WOW! This super hot slut really loves stretching out her ass with deep penetrations that already blew us away, but her debut video gets even better! She mounts the h0rse dick to a fucking machine, bends over on all fours, letting it slam her hole at full speed, then slides another giant dildo in alongside! Yes! This super hot blond is now double fucking her anal rose with an XL h0rse dick and 17" double dong, deep, hard and fast! She explodes in a powerful gushing climax, then shows us her humongous gape that's so huge, she uses an XL glass plug to seal it shut again in the aftermath of this incredible scene, you really wouldn't want to miss!

Genre: Squirting, fist fuck, toy, milf, cervix, amateur, loose, bucket, climax, blond

Video Description: We have a thrilling debut movie starring a new amateur MILF 'Keera', having her loose cunt fisted to destruction by her dominant boyfriend, till she gushes in multiple squirting orgasms! Keera is a hot blond with an insatiable pussy she cannot resist having fisted on a frequent basis. Her boyfriend controls all her orgasms, and she's very obedient, but sometimes can't resist toying with herself when she has the urge! Her BF walks into the bedroom to find her masturbating, much to his disapproval! And decides to punish her with a savage fisting penetration she won't forget in a hurry! See him blast his clenched hand wrist deep in her hole with twisting, hard thrusts, slamming his knuckles against her G-spot and cervix till she erupts in a powerful, squirting climax! There's no respite for her hole though! Her BF doesn't even pull out his fist! He just continues punching her pussy even harder, fisting her straight through several more gushing orgasms, till she finally succumbs to exhaustion like a limp bodied, fist fucked rag doll, with an overstretched bucket cunt drooling with her juices!

Genre: Queen, dildo, gaping, orgasm, toy, climax

Video Description: The beautiful, 21 yr old size Queen ' StarryFawn ' returns in this personal record breaking update, fucking an XL 'Rexxx' dildo from 'All Night Toys' entirely to the fucking balls, till it bulges her belly from the inside out! This is fucking incredible to see such a petite 4',11" tall lady, able to bury an XL dinosaur cock right up to her rib cage! The stunning StarryFawn has totally transformed her insides to swallow up toys this fucking big! And it's so addictive to watch! Her new dildo measures 13" tall x 4.6" thick, covered in ridges, scales and ribs on its bulging shaft that she couldn't wait to feel tearing her pussy apart! Watch in amazement, as she stands it beneath her, squats over its head and devours half the Rexxx inside her, whilst masturbating her clit with a vibrator! Her eyes roll in her head, as she swallows an extra inch with every bounce, till the whole damn thing is balls deep in her pussy! WOW! You can really see the toys head bulging StarryFawns belly from the inside out, as she slams up and down its shaft from its top to bottom and explodes in a body shattering climax! Her orgasm is so fucking intense, she doesn't even wait to recover her breath, before turning around with her ass facing the camera, ready for another round. This time we see her go at it even faster, slamming her flatulent cunt up and down to Rexxx's balls once again, till she's screaming in another frantic climax, then shows us her blown out, gaping cunt drooling profusely with her juices in the aftermath of this incredible update you wouldn't want to miss!

Genre: Orgasm, fist fuck, loose, climax, fisting

Video Description: We have a thrilling update starring the beautiful new model 'Kitten', having her loose cunt fisted and stretched to destruction by her lucky boyfriend, till she reaches an explosive climax! This stunning, young lady has such a hot physique and a recently tight pussy that's never been the same since she had her first fist fucking orgasm! Now she craves them all the time, and sex just isn't complete for her without feeling her BF's hand tearing her hole apart to its limits. Enjoy watching Kitten begin teasing us with seductive poses towards the camera, before laying on her side and inviting her boyfriend to begin fisting her pussy. He lubricates his hand and shoves it wrist deep in her twat, filling her hole to its limits, whilst she groans in ecstasy. He penetrates her with slow, intense thrusts, till she edges towards her climax, then she changes position, bent over in doggy style pose, so he can penetrate her snatch even harder! His clenched fist thrusts in and out of her pussy and knuckles slam against her G-spot, making Kitten scream in euphoria, as she succumbs to the intense, fisting orgasm she desperately craved so much!

Genre: Dildo, gaping, submissive, amateur, loose, bucket, outrageous, climax

Video Description: This submissive, amateur fisting slut returns in an outrageous new update, having her loose, bucket cunt double fucked to destruction with a huge fist and dildo, till it's a cavernous, gaping wreck! We know how much this insatiable slut loves being fisted by random, masked men and humiliated as a fisting rag doll by complete strangers. In this scene she lays waiting on a bench with her legs shackled and suspended apart, completely surrendering her pussy to her latest, anonymous master to stretch it to its limits! He approaches with a large dildo and shoves it entirely balls deep in her pussy, then slides his huge fist in alongside and really tears her hole apart! She instantly grins from ear to ear with a mischievous smile, feeling her pussy stretched out so fucking wide. The intense sensations send shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her body, as he blasts his hand gripping the dildo in and out with twisting thrusts! This really wrecks her hole and she loves every second! It's not long before she reaches an intense, mind blowing climax and thanks her anonymous master for the intimate experience!

Genre: Queen, gape, gaping, prolapse, extreme, double fist, punch, anal, outrageous, climax

Video Description: Our extreme anal 'Queen Maria' returns in this outrageous update, having her blown out butt hole double punch fucked to complete destruction by her new boyfriends giant fists! If you're a hardcore anal enthusiast then you really don't want to miss this scene! Enjoy watching Maria bent over on all fours, as her BF approaches from behind and unleashes his savage fisting onslaught. He begins with both hands held together and sinks them wrist deep in her cavernous ass with ease! Maria groans in instant euphoria feeling her rectum stretched out to its absolute limits, whilst frantically masturbating her clit. The penetration is hard and fast twisting thrusts of his fists blasting her butt hole till it's a humongous, gaping wreck! Maria reaches a powerful, body shattering climax, then pulls her cheeks apart with both hands, showing us her enormous gape, but there's no respite for her insatiable hole and her BF is finished wrecking it just yet. He punches his fists right back in and continues obliterating her ass even harder, making Maria shudder in several more explosive orgasms, then lays on her back and pushes her ass to prolapse like a bulging pink sock, totally annihilated in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

Genre: Queen, dildo, gape, gaping, orgasm, toy, anal, climax

Video Description: The beautiful Queen 'Alex' stars in her most enormous anal penetration to date, fucking her ruined ass to complete destruction with the Xl 'Rexxx' dildo from 'All Night Toys', till she reaches multiple intense orgasms! We've seen this stunning model devouring some of the very biggest dildos on the planet, completely to the balls and this epic update is her very best yet! The humongous Rexxx dildo measures 13" tall x 4.6" thick, designed as a T-rex dinosaur dick for only the most depraved women to destroy their holes with. It's bulging shaft is covered in ridges, scales and ribs on its surface sure to add even more stimulation to her massive new anal stretching challenge and she couldn't wait to fuck this oversized toy. See AlexBreeCooper stand it beneath her and mount its head with her peachy ass facing the camera. She masturbates her clit with a powerful vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager, as she bounces up and down its colossal shaft, expanding her anal ring to it's widest ever level. The Rexxx toy really destroys her hole beyond return, which Alex proudly shows us by spreading her cheeks apart with a close up view of her enormous gape! But she still wants to fuck this toy even deeper, so she turns around facing the camera and impales herself almost entirely to the balls! HOLY SHIT! Thats over 10" of dino dick buried all the way in her mutilated butt hole, that bulges her belly from the inside out and her orgasm is fucking epic! Her entire body shudders in ecstasy, as she reaches the peak of her climax, then shows us the complete destruction of her asshole with even more enormous gaping shots in the aftermath!

Genre: Queen, orgasm, prolapsing, toy, anal, climax, hankeys toys

Video Description: Our most beautiful insertion Goddess ' CrazyWifeSlut ' returns in this insane update, stretching her blown out, prolapsing ass to shocking levels with the XL 'Double Dildo' from 'Hankeys Toys', till she reaches several explosive orgasms! This stunning woman is so addictive to watch, with her striking, super model looks, impeccable body and extremely perverse obsession for destroying her holes beyond belief! She's an all round perfect size Queen with excessively wrecked ass and cunt, she just cannot stop stretching for the ultimate climax! Enjoy watching CrazyWifeSlut stand the humongous 'Double dildo' beneath her, which measures 12" long x 4.5" thick, and impale her asshole straight down its enormous shaft! She masturbates her clit with a vibrator, as the two giant dicks tear her rectum apart, making her scream in ecstasy at the peak of her first, mind blowing climax! Her orgasm was so intense, she immediately wants another and jumps straight back on her toy, whilst still gasping for breath. This time she really doesn't hold back! See her slam up and down from the tip towards the base, obliterating her ass to insane levels, till she erupts in another gushing orgasm, then lays on her back and spreads her hole apart, showing us how fucking huge her prolapsing rosebud is in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

Genre: Squirting, orgasm, fist fuck, bondage, climax

Video Description: The insatiable fisting whore 'Natalia' returns in this thrilling scene, having her splattering, slack hole fisted so hard by her boyfriend, she gushes in multiple squirting orgasms! There's no doubt this ravenous whore loves being stretched out hard and rough, and her BF really violates her hole in this update, whilst she's helplessly cuffed by her wrists and totally surrendered to his dominant control. He immediately sinks his huge hand wrist deep in her flatulent hole, punching it in and out with twisting thrusts, and massages his fingers against her G-spot with furious speed! This makes Natalias pussy gush like a faucet tap with her orgasmic fluids, as she erupts in her first screaming climax! There's no respite for her hole though! Her BF doesn't even stop after her orgasm, he just continues punching her pussy harder, deeper and faster, fisting Natalia straight through every climax! The insatiable whore keeps on gushing her juices repeatedly, screaming louder as every orgasm intensifies one after the other! He relentlessly bludgeons her hole without stopping, till she drips her very last drop of juices and succumbs to complete exhaustion, like a limp, fist fucked rag doll, with a completely wrecked cunt that'll never be the same again!

Genre: Orgasm, fist fuck, cervix, punch, bucket, climax

Video Description: The beautiful, young fisting whore 'Tina' stars in this thrilling update, having her slobbering, wrecked hole punch fucked deep and hard by her boyfriend, till she reaches an intense screaming climax! It's so arousing watching this gorgeous young slut enjoy having her pussy bludgeoned with so much pleasure! She's the epitome of a fist fucking nymphomaniac, constantly aching to have her hole stretched out to its limits and no human cock can ever satisfy this ravenous whores perverse dilation desires. It's hard fisting she wants and that's exactly what her BF gives her in this scene! Enjoy watching Tina laid back on the bed, with her legs pinned beside her ears, totally surrendering her bucket cunt to him to unleash a savage fisting attack! He has 0 pity for his beautiful GF's greedy pussy and pummels it with the severe punches of his tightly clenched fist! See him blasting her hole with twisting, hard thrusts using all his strength to slam his knuckles against Tinas G-spot and cervix! Her entire body begins to quiver, as she reaches the peak of her explosive climax, then erupts in the mind blowing orgasm she desperately craved so much!

Genre: Bottle, gaping, prolapse, toy, bucket, outrageous, climax

Video Description: Our smoking hot Las Vegas Latina, 'Lilly Fuck Slut' returns in this outrageous insertion movie, fucking her bucket sized cunt with a huge champagne bottle, till it's a total blown out, gaping wreck! Lilly is a ravenous babe with smouldering hot beauty and a ferocious obsession for destroying her snatch with the very biggest toys and objects, which is why we love every movie she performs! Enjoy watching this gorgeous Latina begin laid on her back, lubricate her champagne bottle and shove it straight in her cunt from the base end first! Her massive hole swallows it up so easily, devouring the whole thing to the neck! Lilly groans in ecstasy whilst masturbating her clit and talking trash to the camera. 'Wreck That Fucking Hole You Whore' Lilly screams, whilst blasting the bottle in and out of her slobbering snatch with hard twisting thrusts! Listen to the sounds of her blown out, flatulent cunt ripping loud farts of air every time she pulls the bottle out and slams it right back in! This insatiable slut is really trashing her pussy beyond return and loving every second! She reaches the peak of a mind blowing climax, pulls out the bottle and spreads her cavernous hole apart with both hands, making it prolapse and drool profusely in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

Genre: Queen, dildo, toy, climax

Video Description: The stunning, young insertion Queen ' StarryFawn ' stars in this incredible update, devouring a humongous new dildo entirely to the balls in her ruined hole, till she reaches multiple explosive orgasms! We're so fucking impressed at this tiny 4',11", 21 yr old beauties ability to devour such colossal dildos up to her rib cage! It's fucking jaw dropping insertions to watch, as she totally defies the laws of physics with her deep and wide penetrations! Her latest toy is the XL 'John' dildo from 'Bad Dragon', measuring 15" tall x 4" thick, with a bulging huge head and shaft that really split StarryFawns hole apart! Enjoy watching this ravenous young slut wreck her pussy completely, as she mounts John to a stool and impales her petite body straight down to its fucking balls! WOW! She devours the whole damn thing, whilst masturbating her clit with a powerful vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager! This really is the ultimate cunt destruction for such a young lady, and she loves every fucking second! The John dildo has an ejaculating tube, that pumps StarryFawns snatch full of fantasy semen, as she bounces up and down its entire shaft! She reaches an explosive, hard climax, lifts off her toy and drools a pool of her orgasmic fluids mixed with Johns sperm, then turns around with her ass facing the camera ready for a second round. This time we see her slamming her peachy ass right down to Johns base from behind, as it fills her with more jizz, till she erupts in another powerful, gushing climax and shows us her blown out, wrecked cunt in the aftermath!
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