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Club Stiletto Femdom (ASS EATING) AW Ц I Know How Much You Love MY Ass. Starring Mistress T [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ass Worship, mistress T, Ass Sniffing, Objectification, Toilet Slavery, Smothering, Asslicking, Human Furniture, Edgeplay, Licking, Edge Play, Cuckold, Camping

Mariah - Asshole Cleaned With Tongue While Face Sitting And Orgasm [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Blonde Mistress, Big Ass, Big Butts, Ass Humps, Beta Slave, Beta Male, Juicy Ass, Fat Ass, Ass Grinding, Human Furniture, Objectification, Face Smother, Ass Bouncing, Bdsm, Degradation

Video Description: Mariah uses her slaves mouth on the daily. She controls his face and mouth and can use it for whatever she wants or needs. Today she really wants her asshole LICKED CLEAN. She gets on his face with her huge beautiful ass and starts riding him. She demands that he sticks his tongue out. He sticks his tongue out and licks her clean. His face is deep in her asshole. She starts grinding and humping harder and faster. It feels really good for Mariah. To be riding his face while his tongue is in her asshole. She keeps going until she orgasms. Because his tongue feels so good, she tells him she is going to put him in the smother box next and really use him!

Club Stiletto Femdom - Omg You Ripped Them [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Kissing, Nylon Feet, Human Footstool, Objectification, Human Furniture, Tall Mistress, Tall Domina, Tall Domme, Tall Dominatrix, Pro Mistress, Pro Domme, Pro Domina, Pro Dominatrix, Legs Fetish, Long Legs

Video Description: Gorgeous Amazon Mistress Damazonia is using her slave as a stool. She then tells him to get all the way to the ground to kiss her stilettos and assists him by jabbing her heel into his flesh and pushing him over. She steps on his head. "You are inferior" she reminds him. Somewhat happy with his work recently she lets him kiss up her leg to her ass. Then the fool catches her nylons with his jagged fingernail and rips them. Damazonia is enraged. She slaps him and calls him a useless piece of schl1t. She orders him to sit on the ground with his head on the couch so she can bury him under her luscious ass. "I was going to let you worship my beautiful ass but now instead you will suffer" she tells him. Soon he is kicking for air and when he thinks it can't get any worse she raises her legs over his body and slams her shoes down into his balls, repeatedly. She then grinds his face with her nylons and bounces on it before settling in again.

Goddess Gynarchy - Human Ashtray: Lip Service [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Objectification, Bondage Male, Bondage Slave, Tied Slave, Tied Male, Bound Slave, Bound Male, Masked Slave, Black Mask, Slim Cigarette, Thin Cigarette, Vogue Cigarette, Oubliette, Goddess Gynarchy, Goddess Serena

Video Description: My slave has been restrained in a cage in a way that leaves his head exposed through a hole so that I can use his mouth as my toy and ashtray. I attach clamps to his tongue and lips to ensure his mouth remains wide enough to collect my ash, smoke and spit. I pull them off harshly for my amusement and re-attach them when his mouth gets too wet, leaving his lips covered in sores. However, all this is to be expected and tolerated if he wants to be my favourite ashtray that I can use with my friends at parties.

Ava - Tied Up Slave Used For Foot Cleaning [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Human Furniture, Objectification, Mistress Ava, Feet On Face, 4K Femdom, 4K Female Domination, 4K Humiliation, 4K Foot Worship, 4K Foot Domiantion, 4K Foot Humiliation, Ultra Hd, 4K Video, 4K Clip, Uhd, 4K Ultra Hd

Video Description: Ava spent the day at the beach. She took a long walk on the beach and now just wants to relax and have her feet cleaned. Her slave is bound up on the bed and canТt use its arms or move. He is basically like a chair for her to sit on. Her slave must lick and suck her feet and toes clean. While he is busy cleaning her perfect feet she is going to look at all the pics she took today. Eventually, she turns around and is bent over with her ass up in the air and her toes in her slaves mouth. She knows this will suck the soul out of him and make him even more weak for her. Being able to see her ass from that angle and picturing her on the beach with her new bikini she just bought with his credit card is so crippling.

Petite Princess Femdom - Extreme Facesitting And Facestanding By Mistress Sofi In Leather Skirt [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Face Trampling, Head Stomping, Facestanding, Trampling, Extreme Domination, Fullweight Trampling, Face Trample, Mistress Sofi, Leather Skirt Facesitting, Facesitting In Leather Skirt, Chair Slave, Face Chair, Amateur, Human Furniture, Objectification

Video Description: Mistress Sofi in a sexy leather skirt tries new extreme facesitting and trampling positions. Therefore, her personal human-furniture slave had to endure especially severe of his face. Especially when the slave had to hold with his neck the weight of Mistress Sofi sitting on his face. And also the submissive guy had to feel what it is like when a cruel princess becomes bare feet on his face with all her weight. These are creative and hardcore femdom scenes on the theme of facesitting and face-standing.

Petite Princess Femdom - Kira Uses Subby Boyfriend'S Face As A Couch For Long And Uninterrupted Ignorant Facesitting In Leggings [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ignoring Femdom, Yoga Pants Facesitting, Yoga Pants Fetish, Face Chair, Amateur, Mistress Kira, Facesitting In Leggings, Chair Slave, Human Furniture, Objectification, Red Head, Redhead Mistress, Yoga Leggings Facesitting, Yoga Leggings, Sexy Clothing

Video Description: Kira is gradually transforming her boyfriend into a sofa-slave, so she continuously sits on his face like on a chair for more than 20 minutes, ignoring his torment, because he is no longer a living being, but just her personal chair. Therefore, when new anime series are released, Kira now sits exclusively on the face of an enslaved boyfriend because she likes to feel her superiority over a miserable slave. The imperious Kira teaches the weak-willed slave not to breathe as long as possible under the weight of her ass, which covers his mouth and nose. Mistress Kira believes that breathing the scent of her ass is the greatest reward for any man. Therefore, a new boyfriend, but now just a human furniture slave must realize that now he exists only to provide his face for the divine ass of Queen Kira every time she needs to sit down forever.

Petite Princess Femdom - Mistress Sofi Gives Herself A Pedicure While Fullweight Jeanssitting [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jeans Face Sitting, Ignore Fetish, Ignoring Femdom, Mistress Sofi, Ignore Facesitting, Chair Slave, Fetish Pants, Jeans Fetish, Denim, Barefoot, Bare Feet, Redhead Mistress, Human Furniture, Objectification, Face Smother

Video Description: Today Mistress Sofi decided to paint her toenails. And of course she does it using her human-furniture slave in order to sit fullweigt on his face. Sofi is wearing blue jeans, so this is especially difficult for a slave because the jeans press hard on his face. But the narcissistic Princess does not care at all that the slave is tormented by holding the divine ass of his Queen on his face. Because Mistress Sofi treats the slave as her subject, and not as a living person. For her, a submissive guy is just a chair-slave. Its fullweight ignoring jeanssitting female domination.

Petite Princess Femdom - Gamer Kira In Leggings Uses Her Chair Slave While Playing [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ignoring Femdom, Goddess Kira, Redhead Mistress, Human Furniture, Objectification, Face Chair, Games, Yoga Pants Facesitting, Facesitting In Leggings, Chair Slave, Amateur, Yoga Leggings Facesitting, Yoga Leggings, Sexy Clothing, Fetish Clothing

Video Description: Mistress Kira is a gamer girl and during the game she uses her slave instead of a chair. Kira does not pay attention to the fact that it is hard for the slave to breathe because she is too keen on the game. Only when the Princess becomes uncomfortable to sit does she orders the slave to change position and again sits on his face. Because his face is her chair forever.

Petite Princess Femdom - Kira Has Dinner In The Kitchen Using Her Boyfriend As Human-Furniture And A Chair-Slave - Ignore Femdom [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ignoring Femdom, Goddess Kira, Redhead Mistress, Human Furniture, Objectification, Back Sitting, Chair Slave, Red Head, Yoga Leggings, Sexy Clothing, Fetish Clothing, Workout Clothes, Workout Clothing, Sportswear, Women'S Activewear

Video Description: The selfish Princess Kira ordered sushi to dine while watching her favorite anime series. Her enslaved boyfriend is already trained and knows his role at this moment. Therefore, the slave climbed under the kitchen table with his feet and, focusing on his hands, turned his face into a comfortable chair-slave for the divine ass of his Queen. Kira enters the kitchen and, ignoring the submissive boyfriend, immediately sits on his face as if he were really just human-furniture, and not a living person and even more a boyfriend. A petite princess in pink leggings sits on the face of a slave full weight, so the slave holds her entire weight (about 44 kilograms) on his neck. Kira does not care at all that the slave is also hungry, because first of all he is obliged to provide comfort to his Goddess and not think about what he wants. The only time Kira spoke to the slave was only when she ordered him to change the position in which he got on all fours, and bratty girlfriend sat on his back and uses his head as a footrest. Its ignorant femdom humiliation with sexy thin Princess Kira.

Petite Princess Femdom - Glamorous And Bitchy Sofi In Nylon And High Heels - Smoking And Talking To Girlfriend On Phone During Fullweight Facesitting [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Black Shoes, Mistress Sofi, Redhead Mistress, Leather Miniskirt, Sexy Miniskirt, Facesitting In Pantyhose, Human Furniture, Objectification, Ignore Fetish, Ignoring Femdom, Smoking Mistress, Smoke

Video Description: The pretentious and sexy Mistress Sofi is today in a fetish outfit - in a short tight skirt, black nylon tights and patent leather high-heeled shoes. Bratty girl shows her superiority over submissive boyfriend by empty fullweight facesitting. First of all, Mistress Sofi decided to smoke a cigarette while sitting on her chair slave, ignoring him as a living being. Further, the gorgeous Queen orders the slave to go lower so that it is more comfortable for her to sit on his head and talk on the phone. Sofi sat down with all her weight on the face of the slave and called her girlfriend on a video call to discuss the upcoming holiday and the details of its holding. When it comes to boyfriends, Sofi reveals to her friend that her subby boyfriend is now playing the role of a chair slave and together they taunt the loser henpecked. When the conversation on the phone was over, the depraved Mistress decided to riding slave's face, ordering him to kiss her divine ass and pussy in nylon. Princess Sofi has absolutely no regrets about the exhausted slave and for twenty minutes practically does not get up from his face and head.

Harley Jade - Human Swing And Greatest Hits [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress Harley Jade, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Sexy Lingerie, Blonde Mistress, Ass Humps, Beta Slave, Beta Male, Juicy Ass, Human Furniture, Objectification, Facechair, Face Chair, Face Smother

Video Description: This clip is for someone who is ready to jerk it to a perfect ass. Harley is so beautiful and will put you in a trance. Watching her use her human swing and ride her slaves face will make your cock so hard. You wonТt be able to resist stroking faster and faster as it shows 3 scenes at once. If you like ass licking, ass worship and face sitting then watch this clip and become even more of a jerk off junky ass addict.

Club Stiletto Femdom - Kenny'S Arranged Marriage - Under My Ass, Where You Belong [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Family Fantasy, Human Furniture, Objectification, Heavy Smothering, Sadistic Ass, Erotic Asphyxiation, Asphyxia, Breath Play, Breathing Torture, Male Masturbation, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Spit On Slave'S Cock, Pussy Smother

Video Description: Stunning Milf Mistress Keres married the younger kenny under the guidance of her neighbor Auntie Paige who explained she had spent years training him to be the perfect slave with no limits, one who would willingly accept that his wife fucked whoever she wanted while controlling his orgasms, subjecting him to daily discipline, and more.

Petite Princess Femdom - Domina Kira Humiliation Her Slave - Jeanssitting And Spitting Femdom [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Redhead Mistress, Domina Kira, Human Furniture, Objectification, Face Chair, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Femdom Spitting, Spit In Slave'S Mouth, Boot Fetish, High Heels, Sub Abuse

Video Description: The imperious and strict Mistress Kira trains her slave to obey her Goddess. Kira orders the slave to kneel in front of her and kiss her pussy, then go down and kiss her shoes. Then Kira sits down with all her weight on the face of the slave in various poses. And of course, the Mistress constantly spits in the face and mouth of the slave.

Czech Soles - Boss'S Sexy Daughter Gets Office Foot Worship [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Human Footstool, Foot Stool, Objectification, Sexy Boss, Office Foot Worship, Office Domination, Office Humiliation, Office Slut, Office Bitch, Office Femdom, Office Slave, Office Outfit, Office Clothing, Brunette Mistress, Shoe Fetish

Video Description: Jack's working in the office and he's doing a good job but sometimes his boss, the owner of the company, thinks he's slacking, but that's not true. That's why Jack is so glad when his boss is out for the whole day but what he doesn't know is the the boss's daughter is in to watch for the day and especially on Jack.
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