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Genre: Monger in asia, Mongerinasia, Teen, Asian, Creampie, Rose

Video Description: In the western world it seems like women are terrified of getting pregnant. Birth control, condoms, the morning-after pill it seems like theyll do anything to thwart their bodies natural female rhythms. However, take a trip to Asia and its like the roles are reversed. Asian girls naturally embrace their role as baby-making machines for men. And if you happen to be from a western country, these fecund females will literally fight each other for your sperm. The first time I experienced this first hand was on my first trip to Asia. After I finished fucking a fresh tight teenager with a condom on, I stepped into the bathroom, and when I came back out the eager little teen was squeezing the sperm out of the condom into her pussy! I was pretty shockedbut also immensely turned on.

As I continued my travels, I noticed again and again that these girls just want to get knocked up by western men. They dont care if youll marry them, they dont care if youll breed other girls on the side.Hell, they dont even care if youll disappear and never see them again. As long as they can secure your valuable western sperm and get properly fertilized, they are genuinely happy. Such a contrast from women in the west.

So one day it finally dawned on me: Hey, Ive got good genes. I want to spread them throughout the world. And I want the mothers of my many children to be devoted to raising my valuable progeny. So I decided to help these beautiful little breeders out by flooding their pussies with sperm and corking them with wine corks to ensure maximum chances of fertilization!

My first breeder was Rose. Rose was an attractive woman but she was aging quickly and hadnt had a child yet. She was already 26 years old, and for a Filipina woman, thats ancient. Most 26-year-old Filipinas have already popped out 5 kids by this point and Rose was feeling sad and left out. But dont worry Rose, Im here to help.

Rose got me started with a nice, long blowjob and then I plowed my cock into her aging pussy in multiple positions, finally unloading my semen into her wet juicy cunt doggystyle. As I pulled out, I instructed her to keep her ass up in the air so the sperm would gravitate toward her egg, and I took a brand new wine cork and slid it into her gaping birth canal. I didnt want a single drop of my valuable...
Rose - Sexy Pinay Whore Gets Corked Like a Wine Bottle new 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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Rinrada - Rinrada NEW [FullHD 1080p]

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Natasha - Beautiful Blond Filipina Teen Washes Her Sexy Slim Body [FullHD 1080p]

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Supaporn - Half-Black Thai Teen Wants To Be A Foreigners Bangmaid [FullHD 1080p]

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Genre: Monger in asia, Mongerinasia, Teen, Asian, Creampie

Video Description: Fans of this site are already familiar with sexy, skinny, Filipina beauty Natasha. Ive made quite a few scenes with my beautiful barely-legal Bangmaid, and it seems like you guys cant get enough. Well, I cant either! Any chance I have to shoot a scene with this sexy slut, Ill take it, and today was no exception.

I had initially planned to only do a photo shoot with Natasha on this day, but the opportunistic monger in me couldnt resist attempting another hidden scene with this clueless whore. So I set up a camera in the bathroom and one on the dresser and ended up scoring a great creampie scene with one of my favorite pieces of ass in Southeast Asia!

After a long, deep blowjob and some intense fucking, I finally made Natasha ride me to completion and delivered an explosive creampie deep into her womb. I shot this scene a few months back, around the same time I was creampie-ing her on the regular, so Im not sure which load was the actual one that knocked her up. But regardless, as the months progressed and her belly got bigger, there was no doubt in my mind that I impregnated one of the hottest girls in Southeast Asia.
Bussaba - Sexy Pregnant Thai Teen Showers And Shaves NEW 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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Natasha - Gorgeous Filipina Gets Creampied Again on Hidden Camera 2022 new [FullHD 1080p]

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Natasha - Gorgeous Filipina Gets Creampied Again on Hidden Camera 2022 new [FullHD 1080p]

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Golf - Sexy Young Thai Nympho Begs To Get Knocked Up new 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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Genre: Monger in asia, Mongerinasia, Teen, Asian, Thais Girls, Thais Porn, Creampie, Hot

Video Description: Cute sexy Thai MILF Golf is no stranger to sperm. She had been working for me as a Bangmaid for a couple of months and got blasts of baby-batter to her face and pussy weekly. Still, after two months she hadnt gotten pregnant with me, and she was worried she wasnt doing her job well enough. Youre right honey, if you didnt get pregnant, yet it probably was your fault. But no worries! I timed Golfs ovulation cycle to the day and promised the dumb whore that Id help her conceive baby number 2!

Golf was ecstatic. I agreed to help her, so she tried to pay me back by giving me an excellent performance. She always served my cock well as a Bangmaid, but because she knew this was a special load, she seemed to try extra hard to please me this time.

Golf was a natural cocksucker and seemed to gain energy from having a cock in her mouth. Its so nice to see women behave this way. When a cock is presented in front of you, you should take it as a precious gift and devote yourself to making it happy. Golf certainly abided by this philosophy, and as soon as I whipped out my 9-inch dong, she was on her knees sucking obediently.

Although Golf was a little chubbier than the average Thai girl, she had all the right curves in all the right places and her body screamed Breed Me! Her big, wide hips were perfect for bearing a foreign child, so I made sure to make the most out of the opportunity. We fucked in numerous positions until I couldnt hold it anymore. I exploded into Golfs cunt like an erupting volcano, and quickly sealed her pussy with a wine cork to ensure the sperm wouldnt leak out. The chubby whore was so happy and thankful I decided to breed her that, even after removing the cork, she wanted to keep the sperm inside her longer. Good girl Golf! You can keep my semen inside your cunt all day if you want. Just make sure to text me in 9 months letting me know if its a boy or a girl!
Golf - Sexy Young Thai Nympho Begs To Get Knocked Up new 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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Far - Stunning Thai Maid Gets Knocked Up At Job new 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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Genre: Monger in asia, Mongerinasia, Teen, Asian, Creampie, Far

Video Description: Although I love all types of women, Asian girls have always been my favorite. Naturally beautiful and submissive, they have such pretty faces and sexy thin bodies that I just cant get enough. The only negative about Asian girls is they dont always have the best asses, at least compared to their Caucasian, Black, and Latina cousins. But when you do meet an Asian girl with a great ass, its like a dream come true!

Which brings me to this weeks sexy Bangmaid audition: Far. Wow, what a body! Super skinny waist, long legs, and a nice firm round bubble butt for me to slap around. I had met Far at a gogo bar a few months ago, and she agreed to let me film her stripping for me, but she wouldnt let me fuck her on camera. But what a difference a few months makes! The bar she was working at was temporarily closed, and she had no reliable source of income anymore. Well honey, I have a job opening for you.but you have to let me film it, hehe.

Far accepted the invitation for a position on my Bangmaid staff and came over for an interview. Goddam, what a sexy woman! In all honesty, Id probably pay the sexy slut just to stay at my apartment and shake her round ass in my face all day. But as with all things in Southeast Asia, you can get so much more!

Far did some cursory sweeping and dusting, but then I needed to re-evaluate some of her other skills she showed me last month: blowjob and boom-boom. When I whipped out my 9-inch cock, Far dropped to her knees without hesitation. She knew her real worth, her real value, and that value was directly correlated to how quickly she could make me cum.

Getting rock hard for Far was no problem, and after a satisfying blowjob, I turned the slut around and pounded her sweet little whore hole without mercy. The sight of her perfectly round tanned ass cheeks bouncing with every doggy style thrust was enough to make me lose my mind; I had to pump this whore full of semen!

After I blew my load into Fars perfect Asian pussy, I watched with satisfaction as my life-giving sperm oozed out of her snatch. Wow, so sexy! Im not sure if Far was ovulating on this particular day, but dont worry guys, Ill make sure this sexy little Thai twerker gets knocked up soon. Stay tuned!
Far - Stunning Thai Maid Gets Knocked Up At Job new 2022 [FullHD 1080p]

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