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Zazie Skymm - Frisky Foot Massage [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Zazie Skymm

Video Description: Zazie is hanging out with her boyfriend having a lazy day when he offers to rub her feet. Not one to turn a good foot massage down, the petite, blonde hottie encourages him to do it. What starts as a foot massage quickly turns erotic when he sensually rubs her feet and lower legs then puts her toes in his mouth. Getting her feet rubbed turns Zazie on so much she pulls his pants off and licks his cock like it is a popsicle. She sucks him hard then lays on her side and lets him drive his throbbing love muscle into her tight, shaved pussy. The two roll around on the bed, him touching and teasing her feet as he continues to fuck her tight pussy until he cant hold out any longer, pulls out, and shoots his hot load all over her pretty feet.

Skyla Sun - The Family Business [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Skyla Sun

Video Description: Curvy, ebony babe Skylar is talking to her stepdad about getting a job. He offers to let her work for him in the family business but she is afraid it would be too much contact with him. The busty hottie has had a crush on her step for a long time now and decides to act, pulling her top down to show him her big tits with pierced, chocolate-colored nipples. Pulling his cock out, she gives him some fantastic head then gets on top and shows that she knows how to ride. She might be only 19, but she really knows how to fuck, letting her stepdad fuck her all over the bed. When he is ready to pop, she takes him in her mouth and sucks him until he busts a nut in her mouth. Making sexy eye contact, she sucks him dry and swallows his load. Maybe working together would be okay after all.

Sexy Lexy - Pin-up Pussy [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Sexy Lexy

Video Description: Lexy is on vacation and finds herself a little bit lost. She finds a local guy who speaks English and asks him for directions. He helps her out and then tells her he is a photographer, she is beautiful, and he would love to take some pics of her. Back at his studio, she models a sexy, cool swimsuit, striking poses as he snaps pictures. When he finishes the shoot, he gives her a thank-you kiss. That slight kiss turned her on so much that she reached up, unzipped his pants, and pulled his big cock out. Putting the camera down, he focused his energy on her, eating her pussy then burying every inch of his hard cock deep inside her tight, shaved pussy. He fucks the sexy tourist all over the couch and the floor. She cums on his European cock. Feeling her clamp down on him sends him over the edge, so he pulls out and sprays his load all over her. Talk about getting lost and then found!
Jessica Spring - Hands - On Learning [FullHD 1080p]

1.51 GB

Cortney Weiss - Cum Again [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Cortney Weiss

Video Description: Cortney and her boyfriend are relaxing one afternoon when he leans over and kisses her. She kisses back, putting her hands up his shirt. He pulls her short dress up so he can rub her pussy through her panties then slides his hand inside her panties so he can rub her shaved pussy. Laying the petite cutie back on the bed, he carefully buries his hard cock deep inside her. Building up speed, he fucks her faster and deeper then flips her over and puts her on all fours so he can hammer her from behind. The two roll around on the bed, fucking in multiple positions. Flat on her back with her legs over his shoulders, she cums all over his dick. Feeling her clamp down on his shaft sends him over the top, causing him to pull out and shoot his wad all over her tight pussy.

Jessica Spring - Hands On Learning [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Jessica Spring

Video Description: Jessica is hired to teach this guy English. On the first day of classes, the sexy, mature teacher wants to make a good impression so she wears a short skirt and tight top. As the lesson starts, she points to her lips and tries to show him the English word for them. She decides to try a different method when a few of these dont work. Unbuttoning her shirt, she pulls it off, puts his hands on her tits, and tells him they are boobs. He gives them a squeeze and then leans in for a kiss. He gets the word correct, so she decides to reward him by pulling his cock out and sucking it. She finds hands-on teaching works best. Getting naked, she blows him, gets on all fours, and lets him fuck her shaved pussy from behind. The teacher cums on her student's cock, lays back on the couch, and lets him cum all over her. If he does this well next time, she might let him bust a nut in her mouth.

Reyna Belle - Neglected Girlfriend [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Reyna Belle

Video Description: Reynas boyfriend was working on some stuff and ignoring her so the curvy, sexy brunette decides to get his attention the one way she knows is guaranteed to work. Leaving the room, a few minutes later she comes back wearing nothing but some scandalously skimpy lingerie. That does the trick, taking his attention away from the work and onto her and her sexy body. To show her appreciation, she pulls his cock out and gives him a great blowjob before getting on all fours so he can hit it from behind. Her moans of pleasure fill the room as he slams his cock deep inside her pussy. The two roll around the bed, bodies slapping together as they fuck like there is no tomorrow. When he cant hold out any longer he pulls out and blasts his load all over her nice tits and in her hungry mouth.
Alla Peek - Landlord Violations [FullHD 1080p]

1.87 GB

Alla Peek - Landlord Violations [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Alla Peek

Video Description: Alla has her landlord over to discuss some points on her new lease, but she is a lot more interested in his thick cock than the contract. Pushing the paperwork aside she passionately kisses him. Without wasting any time, she pulls his big dick out and starts sucking it. Hes so turned on by this sexy, older woman his cock is throbbing hard in minutes. He lays the blonde MILF back on the couch and buries his hard dick deep inside her wet pussy. With her big tits bouncing, Alla gets on top and rides him, grinding herself down onto his meat rod. He puts her on all fours and fucks her from behind then pulls out and decorates her pretty face with his sticky load. She got everything she wanted, a new lease and a good, hard fuck!

Nicole Nichols - Phone Tap [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Nicole Nichols

Violet Spice - Private Show [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Violet Spice

Jennifer Mendez, Maddy Black - Bouncing Busty Super Squirters [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Jennifer Mendez, Maddy Black, Big Tits, Lesbo

Video Description: Busty besties Maddy and Jennifer love working out together. Today they do some weights and cardio then end with some jumping rope. Hopping up and down in their tight tops causes both the babes' big tits to spill out of their shirts. Watching each others tits bounce gets them both pretty damned worked up, making them decide to end the workout and turn their attention to pleasing each other. Their clothes hit the floor as these two hotties kiss passionately and use their hands to explore each others bodies. Hands give way to mouths as the babes roll into a sexy 69 so they each eat pussy at the same time. Using her skilled fingers and tongue, Jennifer makes Maddy cum hard then she is a little surprised when Maddy breaks out a powerful vibrator for them to share. Scissoring, they rub their pussies together then put the vibrator between them so they can grind on it until they cum together. Best workout ever!

Alyssa Bounty - Hard Decisions [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Alyssa Bounty, Young

Video Description: Alyssa is the best kind of boss. She is smoking hot and doesnt mind showing her body off. When her assistant walks into her office, he finds her in her thong and bra trying to decide what to wear to a meeting. He tries to help her but doesnt know much about fashion. However, he knows plenty about fucking. When Alyssa bends over to reach for a bra, he pulls his fat, hard cock out and slides it into her pussy from behind. She loves the surprise penetration, taking every last inch of him deep inside her tight twat. Climbing on top of him, the boss takes charge, slamming herself down onto his stiff ride and then cumming all over his shaft as he pounds away on her pussy. When he pulls out and cums in his bosss mouth, he knows coming to work here was the right choice.

Bella Blaze - Deep Dick Discount [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Bella Blaze, Young

Video Description: The plumber has bad news for Bella. The damage was more expensive than she thought and the repair bill is a lot higher. With no means of paying, she decides to negotiate and see if she can make a trade. She starts by pulling her top down to show him her perky, small tits. He likes what he sees, but loves what he feels when she unbuttons his jeans, pulls his dick out, and gives him some fantastic head. Laying back on the bed, she lets the plumber lay pipe, fucking her tight, shaved pussy with long deep strokes. Bella loves to fuck and she is good at it, stretching into her favorite positions so she can cum all over his dick. When he pulls out of her pink, wet pussy, and cums all over her amazing ass, the bill is considered paid in full.

Candie Luciani - Candieland [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Karups, Candie Luciani, Young

Video Description: Slender, sexy Candi is the kind of girl who likes it sweet and a little rough. She greets her man wearing nothing but some sexy lingerie and holding a flog. He doesnt need any instruction to know what she wants. He blindfolds the brunette babe and teases her nipples then puts his cock in her mouth. She nearly gags on him, taking every inch of his hard rod down her throat. Her blowjob game is so intense it has him moaning and ready to cum in minutes. He knows he has to jump in here if he wants to cum so he takes his fat dong out of her mouth and pulls her down on top of him so she can arch her sexy back and bounce on his dick. He fucks the petite spinner in all his favorite positions and rewards her for a job well done with a ticky present he delivers from his balls onto her face and perky tits.
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