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Gia Derza - Big Butt Anal Slut [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Gia Derza, Teen, Anal, Big ass

Kenzie Anne - Interracial Threesome [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Kenzie Anne, Boobs, Blonde, BBC

Video Description: We have a little 3-way neapolitan in this scene from as Zac Wilds the vanilla, Prince Yashua the chocolate and Kenzies full on strawberry delight. With model good looks Miss Anne starts off with a nice tease sequence. Primped in a lavender bikini the blondie does right by the eyes poolside. A keen choice is made as oil is brought into the equation along with some fun use of a cup in slow-motion. A nice jump indoors to Kenzie nude and on a sofa. Shes rubbing her pussy when her two scoops arrive. After a very nice slobbery balancing act between shafts Anne is placed in doggy. She has great thighs along with some cheetah-like back arch that should help with anyones blood flow... In fact much of this scene is shot with doggy which lends to Kenzies power. Still glistening from the oil drip Miss Anne in missionary is a treat as well. The athletic starlet winds a nice scene up by receiving a torrent of cum to her face. Her eyes barely able to open from the shellacking, Kenzie continues to smile bright and enjoy on fade out...

Tru Kait - Tru Kait Is Hot As Fuck [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Tru Kait, Teen, Boobs

Video Description: Zipper breaker Tru Kait is on deck and FAF Fly As Fuck in this scene from Plenty of jelly packed into Kaits tiny frame. And its all on full display during the tease. Trus thickset behind is stupefying with the black assless nets shes adorned in. Her rack can cause whiplash if you arent expecting what pops out of her top. Beefy boobs with big cookie-sized nipples. Munch! After her outdoor rollout Kait is indoors and on a countertop popping each cheek with twerky delight. The doe-eyed starlet makes her way to the sofa...
Kenzie Anne - Halston Presents: Kenzie Anne Interracial Threesome [FullHD 1080p]

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Gia Derza - Big Butt Anal Slut [FullHD 1080p]

1.69 GB
Tru Kait - Tru Kait Is Hot As Fuck [HD 720p]

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Carmen Caliente - Gets A Dose Of The Big "D" [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Carmen Caliente, Blonde, Big ass, Teen

Video Description: Charmer Carmen Caliente isnt just hot, shes scorching in this scene from Jules Jordan. The scene opens with Jordan saying the delicious piece of candy is back. Red Hots anyone? Carmen says shes Nice and caliente then puts on a major league twerk show. The ease at which she can flick and flutter her cheeks is on full display as Jordan puts her through his ass obstacle course. Carmen keeps going as Jules says shes trying to hypnotize me with this ass...

Janice Griffith - Perverts POV: Multi Talented Sexpert Scorches The Screen [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Janice Griffith, Teen, POV

Video Description: A budding Janice Griffith partners POV style in this scene from Jules Jordan. A younger Griffith is starry-eyed as usual and primped in white. She wiggles in front of a mirror then slinks into a fury violet carpet. Her big peepers are in full effect when she latches on to Jordans dong. They switch to doggy and Jules continues to shoot a cagey POV. Janice backing her tender ass up on Jordans dick. After a missionary pounding we get a standard view of Griffith and Jordan in 69. We switch back to POV in reverse cowgirl on the floor, should your eyes stray off Griffith you'll appreciate the clever camera work with the mirror being utilized throughout the scene... A fully stimulated Janice squirts all over Jordan in regular cow. The bubbly and delicate harlot slithers and licks up all her makings. Then Jules blasts a full load of cum all over Miss Griffiths model money maker

Paisley Paige - Exotic Honey Handles Two Cocks Like A Boss [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Paisley Paige, Teen

Video Description: Bantamweight beauty Paisley Page brings her A frame to a two cock game in this scene from Jules Jordan. Page is donning a sleeveless animal print jumper that really suits her long black hair with blue tints. Paisley has a gem infused smile that sparkles during a short tease that transitions to the pocket-sized penis pleaser on her knees and ready to scarf down dong. Steve Holmes and Jules Jordan are the lucky recipients of Paisleys lovin. Im going to be a good little pet is uttered by the starlet. A wonderful cat-like moment starts things off when Page crawls up and around Holmes and back between cocks. How nice of you guys to bring me gifts. She pulls off her balancing act with no problems then slides into missionary. Jules bangs her pretty twat while Paisley engulfs Holmes dick. Page routinely utters happy oh fuck during the romping. In doggy Paisley showcases a surprising amount of rump and thigh for such a tiny frame. Another prime visual is in reverse-cowgirl. Page with her legs split and Jordan on the back of the couch filling her throat. After another doggy session with Jules at the helm Page drops to her knees. Her pierced tongue hangs as she gobbles up any dick drainage that doesnt land on her pretty face
Skye Blue - Supermodel Takes Enormous Black Cock Dredd [FullHD 1080p]

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Mackenzie Moss, Cory Chase - Cum Swap [FullHD 1080p]

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Alina Ali - Begs For More Cock [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Alina Ali, Teen

Video Description: Alina Ali, the diminutive darling with dimples, takes on Manuel Ferrara in this scene from Jules Jordan Video. Ali has a wholesome, beautiful face and then a scorcher of a bod. What a wonderful combo! The scene begins in tease mode, outdoors. A smiling Ali in white sheer lingerie. Once naked we see that she is packing heat. Big, beautiful boobs and a weighty ass. Oh and an unshaved, meaty twat. Alina is scrumptious. Indoors Manuel creeps in and begins licking said twat. Ali volleys and sucks Manuels member. Then she sits on her knees and performs a two-handed jack that really accentuates her dastardly curves. Ali moves into cowgirl, a glorious sight as her big ass pumps while Manuel spanks her cheeks. They switch to their sides with Alinas back turned to Manuel. Some major melon motion during the drilling as Manuel stops and shows her his cock. Come get this. Look what you did to me. Look at this pre-cum. Look what you did She sucks it up then they go back to a quick cowgirl session once again. In doggy Alinas derriere dunes excel. Manuel has her arm behind her back as he humps her stellar backside. Next Ali rides Manuels face. She grinds her hairy hamster, suffocating Ferrara while she jacks him off. Manuel folds Ali side-saddle and fucks. A savory sight that brings Alina to her knees. Ferrara drops his payload concentrating his deposit on Alis full, pouty lips

Brandi Love - Mommy Wants Meat: Gets A Supersized Cock [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Brandi Love, Milf, Boobs, Blonde

Yumi Sin - Young Gets A Hard Lesson On Handling Two Cocks At Once [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Yumi Sin, Teen

Video Description: Yumi Sin is so soft spoken and undeniably cute that when you first see her you wonder if the scene is going to end up taking place. Jules even mentions at the top that Miss Sin doesnt look too naughty. Yumi snuffs out that line of thinking when she states confidently Yeah, well, gotta find out Sin then returns to her sheepish style, quietly following all commands. Shes wearing sheer, baby blue panties and a bra that compliment her nicely. Yumi has delectable perky tits and a furry little pussy. After showcasing Sin, the camera tilts to the side and we see Yumi has opted to take on two cocks! Surprising for such an outwardly sweet little girl. Steve Holmes has Yumi lie on the bed. He comments on what a pretty pussy she has and Yumi giggles coyly through her nose. Jules asks Do you love getting your pussy licked? Sin looks into the camera and playfully answers Yeah and giggles shyly again. Yumi remains quiet but anytime a cock is presented her big brown eyes widen and she consumes, producing ample slobber. Jordan mounts Sin and she swallows Holmes cock while getting fucked. She takes a moment to watch Jordan and Yumis innocent sex appeal shines here. Yumi jumps into cowgirl and rides Steves rod while gagging on Jordans member. Holmes says he wants to share so Sin moves to doggy. Jules churns her fantastic ass while Yumi continues to deepthroat. Sin changes again to reverse-cowgirl and she gets visibly over stimulated from the whomping. Her legs agitating as she moans in approval. Lying once again on her back, Yumi takes a fresh coat of cum to her adorable face

Skin Diamond, Riley Reid - Oral Queens Give Spit Filled, Sloppy Blowjob [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jules Jordan, JulesJordan, Skin Diamond, Riley Reid, Teen, POV, Oral

Video Description: Sexy spark plugs, Riley Reid and Skin Diamond pester a penis in this cock tease masterstroke. We open with Skin on her knees worshipping Rileys crotch. Diamond is d*d in black lingerie while Reid is wearing full cheetah print garb with a surprise... The couple begin kissing with some passionate moans. Skin heads back to Rileys nethers and unsnaps her coverings from below, exposing her tiny beefy bush. A neat trick for easy access! Diamond drips a string of slobber onto Rileys kush while she says Gosh, what a dirty girl!. A mystery cock appears that creates toothy grins. Skin and Riley get to work, creating a steampunk visual of alternating cock and ball sucking. Reid spreads her legs and takes her twat to tickle and hump while Diamond adds some spooge lube. Skin dives down and questions I dont know what I want to do more. Suck a cock or eat a pussy? Nice. The svelte harlots create more sex imagery when they sandwich the member between their pussies while scissoring. They both glide on the dick while the viewer will wish they were in the cocks stead...The scene transforms into a slobbery delight. Both Reid and Skin weave webs of drool while jacking the cock. They easily coax gobs of cum from it that they plate up. Then they consume it and gargle the goop as they smile. Proud of the tantalizing dick taunt scene that was conjured
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