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Mistress Taylor Knight'S Empire - Alpha Turned Cum Guzzling Slut! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Double Domination, Dual Domination, Duo Of Dommes, Two Mistresses One Slave, Goddess Aurora, Coerced Bi, Mean Girls, Sissification, House Slave, Big Boobs, Mind Fuck, Mind Wash

Video Description: He tried to tell us he was too "Alpha" to be a sub in our clips..But would do anything we said because we were hot AF. We told him if he paid big enough. Of course we would let him star in 1 of our clips...And we will "work" on the "Alpha" part. We can turn any Alpha into a submissive DUH. That is the power I have over every man. Add a bit of Int0x to break the ice a bit...and SUBMIT!! Just watch this pathetic transformation. Yes you will be next. Just as submissive as the "loser subs" you see me film with. This WILL be you.

Brat Princess 2 - Nika - Humiliates Her Beta Mutt With Her Feet [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Chastity, Locked Cock, Locked Dick, Caged Cock, Cock Cage, Dick Cage, Men Following Orders, Shorts Fetish, Sexy Shorts, Short Shorts, Denim, Jeans Shorts

Video Description: Nika counts her money as her slave worships her feet. It used to be her slaves money but she took it from him. He needs to work an extra job so he can keep making Nika happy. She loves taking control of him financially and humiliating him with her feet. She is perfectly pedicured. Her arches are so beautiful and her toes are painted white. They are really pretty princess feet. She uses her slaves face and mouth to take a good picture. Shoving her feet down his throat makes him drool. He must lick up all the spit. He knows this is the closest he will ever get to a foot job.

Chloe - Foot Slave Humiliated In Bedroom [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Blonde Mistress, Asian Slave, Asian Slut, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Shoe Worship, Shoe Licking, Shoelicker, Shoe Licker, High Heels Domination, High Heels Humiliation

Video Description: Old. Ugly. Gross. Are the words to describe this little foot slut. Chloes slave is an old man. Ugly as fuck too. He drools and nearly faints being near Chloes beautiful feet! In this clip he is allowed to worship her heels and feet for a few minutes before taking Chloe to the ATM. If you have a foot fetish then this clip is for you! Watch him smell her toes, lick the bottoms of her high heels and suck and kiss her bare feet.

Sadistic Girls Pain Bruatlity - Celia - Pay For Dirt &Amp; Sweat [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Sweaty Feet, Dirty Feet, Dirty Boots, Filthy Feet, Footslave, Footslave Training, Feet Licking, Brunette, Socks Fetish, Socks Smelling, Socks Sniffing, Smelly Socks

Video Description: "Oh my gosh, are you really so pathetic ?" Celia laughs and makes fun of the slave. She explains that he can of course lick and eat her dirt, sweat, if he pays her.

Chloe - I Want Total Submission [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress Chloe, Scolding, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Chastity, Locked Cock, Locked Dick, Caged Cock, Cock Cage, Dick Cage, Sexy Lingerie, Blonde Mistress, Ass Fetish, Ass Kissing

Video Description: Chloe, like any good keyholder, is interested in total submission. She wants danni to experience a full FLR. Danni must trust that Chloe knows what's best for them. Chloe carefully weighs every decision to make sure what is best for making Chloe happier. Danni is best just letting go and putting Chloe in charge of everything. This is when Danni will begin to experience some orgasms again. He must submit completely! If Chloe senses any resistance, he will get more chastity.
Kayley Gunner - Two Big Black Cock [FullHD 1080p]

2.81 GB

Kayley Gunner - Two Big Black Cock [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Latex Slave, Latex Slut, Masked Slave, Black Latex Mask, Big Tits, Shaved, First Time Ir, Creampie, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Nylon Feet Smelling, Nylon Feet Sniffing, Cock Tease, Chastity

Natalya - Makes Her Cuck Prep Her For Her Boyfriend Tonight [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Ass Massage, Bikini Fetish, Big Butts, Saliva, Spit In Slave'S Face, Femdom Spitting, Spit Fetish, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Mistress Natalya

Video Description: Natalya is going out to dinner tonight. She knows she is going to get fucked too. She loves when her boyfriend destroys her insides. She tells her cuck how he will be sitting in the closet opening more credit cards for her as he hears her screaming from sex. He doesnt deserve to stick his dick in her and fuck her. She makes him rub lotion on her ass as she gets ready for her night. A nice lotioned ass and his credit card is going to make for a great time.

Amber - Behind The Scenes Slave Use [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Princess Amber, Shoe Fetish, Shoe Worship, Shoe Licking, Face Slapping, Faceslapping, Shiny Clothing, Toilet Slavery, Yoga Leggings, Yoga Pants, Shiny Clothing, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Blonde Mistress

Video Description: Andy is an idiot. In this clip I find a way to profit from his idiocy. We were setting up for the next clip to use him in and he made me annoyed. I began to correct him with hard slaps to his face which he tried to block. Which is infuriating! I slapped him hard to teach him. I ordered him to the bathroom to lay down so I can piss down his throat. (This is not seen but it is heard) He comes out complaining about his head and his stomach hurting. I add the tally mark to his arm. I make him pay be $100 for every time I use his mouth so the tally marks keep track. I cash him out daily. It gets in position, and I go to turn the camera on so I can beat him and I realize Andy left the camera on! Idiot. But the footage of our behind-the-scenes life will be interesting to my fans. The clip also has 4 Highlight clips! Enjoy!

Amber - Victor Is Cuckoo For Converse [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Converse Fetish, Princess Amber, Blonde Mistress, Shorts Fetish, Sexy Shorts, Short Shorts, Denim, Jeans Shorts, Blue Shorts, Fetish Clothing, Sexy Clothing, Money Fetish

Video Description: "OMG this is one of my dumbest in person session slaves I own. Victor is a freak for converses. Smelly dirty converses! I found out about his converse obsession and quickly began to take advantage of him. He must pay to sniff. He must pay to lick. He must pay period. Victor is a converse freak pervert that I use for cash. This clip shows Victor paying to sniff. That day I made sure I wore my converses all day without socks, so they were extra stinky. Victor is cuckoo for converse!"

The Mean Girls - Kicking The Cash Out Of It [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Asian Domme, Asian Domina, Asian Dominatrix, Goddess Asia, Cash Point Meet, Brunette Mistress, Money Fetish, Money Domination, Money Slave, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Human Atm, Outdoors Femdom, Outdoors Female Domination

Video Description: There is little more fun than taking cold hard cash from a slave. But making the stupid ugly thing pay Me each time I kick it in it's miserable face or head, is an even bigger thrill. This sad thing is so desperate for any attention from any of Us, that it literally paid Me over $500 to simply kick it's head and face over and over and over again. HOW FUCKING PATHETIC IS THAT??? My perfect little feet smash into this loser's face and head, and it coughs up another $20 each and every time. Watch Me make this loser agree to go into permanent debt to be kicked in the face by Me. All just for the honor of My perfect feet destroying it's face, and any little bit of self-esteem it had left. Sorry loser, you're nothing except a wallet and "kicking-bag" to Me. And once your little wallet is drained and rinsed of all it's resources, you get kicked aside until it's replenished. (And as an extra bonus, check out how this loser's face looked at the end when it's nose finally gave way after one of My last kicks... Boooo hoooo bitch boi, not My Problem...)

The Mean Girls - Foot Freak Under The Stairs [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Paypig, Fincuck, Pay Pig, Money Fetish, Money Domination, Money Slave, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Human Atm, Princess Worship, Tease And Denial, Tease And Deny, Begging, Ignore Fetish

Video Description: I was working on my clip store and I decided that I felt like having my feet worshiped. So I decided to take a break and under the downstairs where one of the house foot-freak is stored and bring it out to use it to worship me for awhile. It just feels good to have a slave-tongue sliding in, out between your toes while you take a relaxing!

Amber - Small Boy On Campus Targeted By Greedy Keyholder (Part 1 Of 2) [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Sexy Shorts, Short Shorts, Denim, Jeans Shorts, Blue Shorts, Socks Fetish, Socks Domination, Socks Humiliation, Socks Smelling, Socks Sniffing, Smelly Socks, Fetish Clothing, Sexy Clothing, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination

Video Description: All the hot girls have seen this beta boy walking around campus. Obviously, a beta locked in chastity by the government for having a less than 6 inch penis. (Sorry we have to draw the line somewhere!) He seemed adorable! He has everything a Greedy Keyholder looks for in a beta. A great slouch, silly hair, socially awkward, super smart, shy, and a job! All the girls have been trying to become his keyholder, but Amber has his key now! In this clip Amber humiliates Brian as she takes control of him. She hates the name Brian. She thinks its gross. Amber decides to name the boy herself. But for now, he is referred to as boy. She takes pictures of his beta smile and slouch and sends it to her girlfriends. They are going to be so jealous. Amber makes boy smell her socks and worships her feet. "Have you ever gotten this far with a girl before?", as boy takes off her sneaker. She completely humiliates boy. At the end of Part 1 she instructs boy to take off his clothes so she can mock his penis size.

Alexa Kane - Make Me More Money And Worship My Pussy [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Taboo, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Money Fetish, Young Mistress, Young Goddess, Young Domina, Young Dominatrix, Young Domme, Cunt Licker, Cunt Worship, Cunt Licking, Cuntlicker, Pathetic Male

Video Description: Alexa is unsatisfied that her beta is not earning enough. She needs it to pick up more hours at work. The beta complains that it is already working a lot. Its tired! Alexa does not care. She loves money and wants more of it. She cannot be satisfied. If the beta does not improve Alexa will invite her girlfriends over for a pegging party. The beta does not want to get pegged! It tries its best but cannot satisfy Alexa. When the beta finishes its long workday, it must then come home and lick Alexas asshole for hours. Alexa loves having her ass and pussy worshiped. She insists she has her pussy worshiped again. Right now! The beta complies and gets to work licking Alexas pussy. What else can it do? Alexa is impossible to please.

Nataya And Riley - Covid Is No Excuse For Lack Of Tribute [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Mistress Riley, Boot Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Black Leather Boots, Boot Kissing, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Double Domination, Dual Domination, Duo Of Dommes, Two Mistresses One Slave, Blonde Mistress, Fetish Clothing

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