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Genre: Queen, dildo, gaping, orgasm, toy, milf, extreme, bucket, outrageous, climax

Video Description: The beautiful, American, size Queen 'Marie' returns in this outrageous update, slamming her horse sized cunt on an ejaculating, XL 'Crackers' dildo from 'Bad Dragon' toys, entirely to the balls! Every time this stunning MILF performs she completely blows our minds and cocks with her supersized penetrations, burying the most colossal toys way up in her belly! She's a huge favorite in this fetish, for that very reason and we love presenting you with more of this addictive insertion goddess! Maries latest cunt stretching challenge is the beastly Crackers dong, a Dragon themed cock measuring 13" long x 4.5" thick, covered in scales, ribs and knobs, plus an ejaculating feature to fill her hole with fantasy semen! Enjoy watching Marie Kaleida mount its head whilst facing the camera, impale herself right down to the base, and instantly gasp in euphoria, feeling the dragon dick burst up into her womb! She rides it with all her speed and strength, slamming her snatch from its head to base relentlessly! Hear her scream in euphoria, as it floods her snatch with fantasy sperm, filling her with its extreme size and creampie, till she's ready to burst! Marie lifts off the toy at the peak of her climax, exploding with her orgasmic fluids from her blown out hole! Her snatch is a devastated, drooling wreck, but she wastes no time spinning round, with her ass facing the camera, ready for her next climax. This time we see her thicc ass bouncing up and down the Crackers dildo from behind, watching her lips grip and spread around its knobbly shaft with every thrust, till she gushes in another intense orgasm! Marie spreads her cheeks apart, gaping her bucket hole wide open, showing us its devastation, as more dragon sperm slowly oozes out from her womb in the aftermath!

Genre: Dildo, prolapsing, toy, extreme, loose, climax, hankeys toys, goliath

Video Description: This extreme vaginal destruction movie stars our favorite 'Loose Cunt Whore Alexis', stretching her blown out, prolapsing snatch on the 4XL 'Goliath' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys', till she squirts in multiple orgasms! We love watching this Canadian slut obliterating her hole on the most colossal toys, and not just for that reason alone, but her potty mouth trash talk to the camera, describing how much pleasure receives makes her so addictive to watch! Enjoy watching this incredible update from her, as she really rips her snatch apart on her very biggest toy! The mighty Goliath measures a whopping 15" tall x 4.5" thick, making it the ultimate cunt buster dildo for the most depraved, monster cock craving whores! Alexis faces the camera, as she squats over its head and impales all her body weight right down to its centre shaft, stretching out her cunt to the very edges of her pelvic bones! 'Fucking Destroy That Twat You Fucking Whore' Alex groans, whilst slamming further down the Goliath and frantically masturbating her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager! 'Yes Yes Yes! Fuck it Likes it's Nothing! OMG I'm Cummminng!' she screams, reaching the peak of her mind blowing climax, then lifts herself off the Goliath and bursts an explosive gush of her orgasmic juices towards the camera! WOW! Her cavernous hole is completely destroyed, hanging open like a prolapsing mound of overstretched flesh, still gushing with her juices in the finale of this incredible update you wouldn't want to miss!

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Genre: Queen, dildo, prolapsing, extreme, double fist, anal, loose

Video Description: The beautiful insertion Queen ' CrazyWifeSlut ' stars in this thrilling update, having her loose ass double fisted and fucked with an XL h0rse cock dildo, till it's a total, blown out, prolapsing wreck! It's a rare delight we get to enjoy watching a woman this attractive, perform such insanely huge anal penetrations. She may have the beauty of a Victorias Secret angel, but this women is as perverse as they come! Her goal is to devastate her holes completely beyond return, which she's well achieved already, now the insatiable slut is addicted to the intense orgasmic sensations it provides! Enjoy watching her bent over on all fours, as her lucky husband approaches from behind and shoves a giant h0rse cock dildo, deep in her ass! This would suffice for most depraved, monster cock craving whores, but not CrazyWifeSlut! She wants her asshole ripped apart with much thicker insertions. Knowing his hot wifes extreme desires well, her husband inserts his giant fist alongside the h0rse dick and continues slamming her ass with both! The penetration is brutally hard, just the way she craves, making her scream in ecstasy, as she explodes in multiple, mind blowing orgasms. The devastation caused to her hole is so fucking extreme, her ass meat hangs out in a huge prolapsed mound of rectal flesh, whilst her pussy drools profusely with her orgasmic fluids in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

Genre: Queen, dildo, toy, extreme, bucket, climax, worlds biggest pussy

Video Description: The incredible insertion Goddess 'Queen Selene' returns in this record breaking insertion update, devouring three gargantuan dildos entirely to the balls, in her 'Worlds Biggest Pussy'! Selene is described as the G.O.A.T by many of her fans when it comes to shockingly deep and wide insertions. Her endless, bucket sized cunt devours the very biggest dildos on the planet, often defying the laws of physics! Prepare yourselves for another unbelievable penetration from our most extreme size Queen, as she begins with an XL 'Dyno Slug' dildo measuring 10" tall x 4.3' wide. This reptilian themed toy has a textured shaft, covered in scales and thick veins that would terrify most women, but not Selene! Giant as this toy may be, it's merely a warm up for her insatiable monster cunt, and she devours it entirely to the floor! Her next weapon of cunt destruction is the XL 'William', standing 12" tall x 4.7" thick. Selene impales all her weight down to the base, grinds her pelvis around in circular motion and enjoys an intense climax with this colossal dildo, but her final toy is the ultimate cunt wrecker! Behold the mighty 'Cassini'! A truly colossal beast measuring 14" tall x 5" thick, with a triple bulged shaft for maximum cunt destruction. Enjoy watching Selene slam her snatch up and down from its tip to base, relentlessly blasting her pussy to total devastation and screaming in ecstasy, as Cassini's head bursts way up through her uterus!

Genre: Dildo, gape, gaping, squirting, toy, wife, mature, milf, extreme, amateur, punch, loose, bucket, brutal, climax

Video Description: The mature amateur wife 'Carmen' returns in this explosive fisting scene, having her squirting, bucket cunt punch fucked till she reaches multiple, gushing orgasms! This insatiable MILF is no novice when it comes to extreme vaginal stretching! Her bedraggled cunt has had many years of XL penetrations and nothing less can satisfy her perverse dilation desires. See her lay back on the sofa, spreading her legs wide open and surrendering her snatch to her husband to give her what she loves most. He begins with an XL black dildo, grabbing it with both hands at the base and stabbing his whore wifes, blown out cunt with brutal thrusts! Carmen spreads her cunt lips wide open, as he continues blasting her hole with the giant toy, till its a gaping loose wreck, aching to receive his fist next. A quick squirt of lube in his palm, and he's ready to attack her hole with a merciless fisting onslaught! Carmen frantically masturbates her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager, whilst he pummels her pussy with hard, twisting thrusts of his fist, punching completely in and out! It's not long before she's screaming in ecstasy and squirting a huge pool of her orgasmic juices straight at the camera. Her hole's a throbbing, overstretched wreck, but he's not finished with it yet! He continues punch fucking her snatch even harder, till she erupts in a second, squirting climax, draining her to the very last drop and spreading out her cavernous gape with both hands in the aftermath!

Genre: Queen, dildo, prolapsing, toy, wife, bucket, climax, hankeys toys

Video Description: Our stunning insertion Goddess ' CrazyWifeSlut ' stars in this incredible cunt destruction scene, slamming her overstretched bucket hole on the XXXL 'Latin Lover' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys', till she erupts in multiple, explosive orgasms! If you love watching beautiful blonds fucking colossal BBC toys, then you really wouldn't want to miss this! CrazyWifeSlut is the ultimate size Queen, with her super model looks and heavily wrecked holes, that keep developing bigger and looser with her constant stretching training. The Latin Lover dildo measures 14" long x 4.5" thick! This humongous black cock used to be a challenging struggle for CrazyWifeSlut to fuck, but not anymore! Her horse size cunt now devours it whole, completely to the balls and it's so fucking arousing to watch! Enjoy seeing her begin facing the camera, as she squats over her gigantic dong and bounces up and down its entire shaft. She frantically masturbates her clit, whilst slamming her splattering snatch, till she explodes in ecstasy! CrazyWifeSlut stretches her devastated hole apart with both hands showing us her blown out cunt meat prolapsing and drooling with her orgasmic juices. Her climax was so intense, she wants another right away! This time she turns around with her ass facing the camera and really gives it all she's got. Hear her slobbering twat blowing out more juices, as she hammers the Latin Lover dong from tip to base! She bludgeons her hole, till her impeccable body shudders in another mind blowing climax, then stretches her wrecked cunt meat apart, for us all to witness its severe ruination in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

Genre: Dildo, gape, gaping, toy, bucket, outrageous, climax

Video Description: We love bringing you the most outrageous, monster cock craving sluts, destroying their bucket holes with some of the worlds biggest dildos and this update starring 'Yoni' is a perfect example! The insatiable, British, size Queen has a humongous, gaping hole the size of a horses cunt, which she can't stop stretching with her arsenal of oversized toys! Two of her favorites are the XL 'Brutus' and 'Master' dildos, both measuring up to 14" tall x 4.5 thick! These cunt wrecking beasts have the most challenging heads to insert, pronounced in shape with nobbles and ridges which cause serious devastation to Yonis snatch, just the way she craves! Enjoy watching Yoni begin with Brutus, standing him beneath her, as she faces the camera and slams her drooling snatch right down to the thickest level of its middle shaft. Hear her groaning in euphoria, whilst grinding her pelvis around in circular motion, making the Brutus' head push up into her uterus! Her petite body quakes in ecstasy, as she reaches the peak of her first climax, then bends over to gape her cavernous hole towards us! WOW! She really loves tearing up her pussy, and she's still only halfway done! Yoni pulls out her second toy, the XL 'Master', a colossal hulk of a dildo that really splits her snatch apart! She slams her pussy on its 4.2" thick mushroom shaped head, making it pop in and out repeatedly, causing complete devastation of her hole, till its a prolapsed wreck, drooling profusely with her orgasmic juices in the aftermath!

Genre: Queen, gape, toy, extreme, anal, loose, climax, hankeys toys

Video Description: If extreme anal stretching is your fetish, then this thrilling scene is definitely for you! Starring the beautiful Queen 'Alex', who performs more outrageously thick and deep insertions with every update she shares for our pleasure. Dildos don't come much bigger than the XXXL 'Atlas' from 'Hankeys Toys', measuring 13" tall x 4.2" thick at its bulging centre shaft, which Alex devours completely to the balls! Watch in amazement as this beautiful, young, anal whore stands her colossal toy beneath her, with her peachy butt facing the camera, bouncing and squatting all the way down its shaft to the fucking base! Hear her shrills of ecstasy, as she slams its head way up into her belly, whilst frantically masturbating her clit with a 'Magic Wand' massager! She suddenly erupts in an explosive, mind blowing climax, making her body shudder, then spreads her hole at the camera, revealing her gigantic anal gape! That's one seriously huge, destroyed anal ring she's developed and she's not done stretching it out just yet! Alex turns around to face the camera and slams her hole right back down to the Atlas' balls, so we see just how deep it penetrates into her stomach, making it bulge her belly inside out! Holy Fuck! This ravenous whore must be completely hollow inside! She continues slamming the Atlas shaft from tip to base, while masturbating her clit, till she explodes in several more intense orgasms, then proudly shows us her devastated asshole in the aftermath of another unmissable update from AlexBreeCooper!

Genre: Dildo, gaping, orgasm, cervix, amateur, double fist, loose, climax

Video Description: The beautiful, new, amateur model 'Kitten' returns in this thrilling update, having her loose cunt double fist and dildo fucked for the first time, till she reaches an intense, mind blowing climax! This gorgeous woman is new to fisting, having only recently discovered the intense orgasmic pleasures it can provide. Now she's determined to continue stretching her pussy even more, in her newfound obsession for cunt destruction! Enjoy watching Kitten begin this scene, teasing us with an erotic display of her impeccable, oiled physique, before laying on the bed and spreading out her legs, ready to receive her fisting onslaught. Her BF approaches and inserts his whole hand wrist deep in her snatch, now completely with ease. He blasts her hole with hard, twisting thrusts, slamming his knuckles against her G-spot and cervix, as Kitten shudders with euphoria! She's edging closer to her climax with every punching thrust, then grabs her long, slender dildo and inserts it alongside his wrist! Her screams of ecstasy turn much louder, as her cunt is now stretched out wider than ever, double penetrated with a fist and dildo for her very first time. Powerful orgasmic sensations spread throughout her beautiful body, making it tremble uncontrollably, as she suddenly erupts, in her most intense orgasm and her pussy's left a gaping, loose wreck in the aftermath!

Rileyjacobsvip-07-06-2021-When You Re Pussy Likes Swallowing This Giant Toy 2 [SD 540P]

Genre: OnlyFans, rileyjacobsvip, Milf, Amateur, Riley Jacobs VIP

Laney Grey, Sarah Taylor - Lovely Laney Grey & Sarah Taylor Join The Club [FullHD 1080p]

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Genre: All Sex, Blowjob, Toy, Asian

Genre: Trans, Transgender, Latina, Big Tits, Gonzo, Toys, Solo, Masturbation, Big Dick, Brunette, Tattoo, Cumshot, Stockings, Lingerie

Video Description: Tantalizing TS babe Rafaela Colucy teases in pink string bikini underwear, fishnets and spiked heels. The trans babe bends over, revealing her round ass cheeks and hard she-prick. Rafaela strokes her curved girl meat and unveils her round, tan-lined boobs. The raven-haired hottie furiously masturbates with skillful technique. She plunges her stiff prick inside a pussy toy and pumps it deeply! The sexy brunette groans with waves of pleasure as she works the erotic device over her curved chick-dick. Rafaela jackhammers her rocket into the pocket socket, fucking it at a fast pace. She stimulates her she-shaft vigorously until she reaches orgasm. Rafaela spurts out wads of jism at a high velocity. The blistering solo jack-off session leaves Rafaela deeply satisfied.
Monika Fox - Slut Monika Fox During An Appointment Was Fucked Hard By Two Doctors In Anal, Mouth & Pussy With Prolapse & Squirting [HD 720p]

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