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Sandra Brown - 18 years old and ASS-VIRGIN. "Wanna fuck it? But go easy, please" Sandra wants to be buttfucked [HD 720P]

Genre: FA Kings, FAKings, Sandra Brown, Teen, Latina, Spanish

Video Description: I WANT MY ASS FUCKED! When the one sending us this message is Sandra Brown That tender schoolgirl that made her debut with us immediately after leaving her boyfriend, we take the cameras and go straight to wherever we're needed. 'Cause after that amazing debut, it Seems Sandra's gotten a clear mind. And how! This teen is already sure about what she wants from life, and is none other thing than to become a porn goddess and to do all the things she had ever dreamed with...
Alice Fernandez - Alice Fernandez [HD 720p]

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Mia Lopez - That Cuban dude everyone's talking about in Valencia... I WANT HIM TO FUCK MY ASS. I'm Mia... Shall we do it? NEW!!! 22-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Mia Lopez, Amateur, Anal, Extreme anal, Sluts, Cums, Fat Asses, Spanish, Exhibitionism, Deep throats, Interracial, Blowjobs, Big cocks, Cuban Titwanks, Big boobed girls, Latina, BBC

Video Description: If any of you were still doubting that FAKings is a true public service for any young babe in need, we're going to clear it quickly. Today Mia Lopez is again with us, a broad from Valencia that came to us some time ago with Ukra, that had promised her a fuck without cameras (except ours, tee hee hee), and that some time after she came to us again without shyness and proved us her skill for porn. Once again she's asked for a comeback, but this time she wants something special. 'Cause back in the day she clamied us how she loved, while alone at her place, training by sticking a dose of dildos up her ass (it looks like some girls go running, some lift weighs, and Mia trains her butthole). But her coveted anal orgasm didn't come. But that's were FAKings comes in. 'Cause Mia needed a good meat stick, not a rubber one. So she contacted us demanding, for her anal drilling, a BIG OLD COCK. And it had to be a Cuban one! In order to prove us she wasn't bluffing about it and that she wouldn't back down at the moment of truth, she came to us wearing no panties, with a plug inside her ass and showing it around the city: In a fast-food restaurant, at the grocery store... Fuck, Mia, you've come in style today! After her showing we took her to our riding arena so she could face the trending Cuban dick. There's barely time for introductions: Everything Mia wants is his cock! How did things ended? A bit of pain at first that quickly becomes pleasure for the girl from Valencia. It seems all that training was worth it for Mia ;-)

Ruth Pardo - I'm Ruth Pardo, I'm 18 and I was born in Colombia. I make a housewarming by banging the window guy's son, Wanna see it? tee hee hee NEW!!! 19-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Ruth Pardo, 18 years old, Amateur, Spanking, Hidden cams, Colombians, Facial cums, Perfect Ass, Cunnilingus, Blowjobs, Latina, Young girls, Natural tits

Monica Hole - I stole my dad's porn and at 15 I would break my hand from jerking off to Monica. TRUE STORY!!! [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Monica Hole, Models, Cums, Perfect Ass, Deep throats, Latina, Blowjobs, Milfs, Pornstars, Blondes, Big boobs, Thongs, Spanish

Masonia Lafarte - From TRASHY to FANCY in 10 easy steps and without renouncin to A BIG OL' DICK. Masonia's radical makeover NEW!!! 15-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Masonia Lafarte, Amateur, Sluts, White trash, Cums, Cunnilingus, Spanish, Deep throats, Big cocks, Natural tits, Latina

Video Description: We all remember Masonia Lafarte. After pickin her up in the street while making her believe she was left stranded, or after tricking her once again by making her believe she had to fuck the dirtiest guy imaginable, we already know she's not a standard for refinement. She's a hearty city girl. But today we have a special challenge for her: none other than becoming a lady. That's because a guy has come to our casting with potential to become a good performer. But, as it happens, the guy is pretty posh and claims the people around him wouldn't accept watching him"fucking any trashy". And since Masonia is thrasy among the trashies, the challenge consisted in us being able to fool this elitist guy. And so this is what FAKings is bringing you today: The class struggle, taken to porn. Spoiler: At the end we all understand each other by fucking. It couldn't be otherwise!

Chiki Bunny - "LOOK AT THAT THING... Can I measure it?" Chiki, she's fucked 20 in a year... but only 1 in a year :decepcionado: and now SHE WANTS A BLACK DUDE NEW!!! 12-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Chiki Bunny, Students, Interracial, Big cocks, Perfect Ass, Black hair, Teens, Young girls, Spanish, BBC, Latina

Piikara Blood - Everything and the kitchen sink!!! 1000 bucks for leaving his girlfriend bang another dude NEW!!! 8-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Piikara Blood, Latina, Amateur, Cums, Spanish, Students, Cuckolds, Perfect Ass, Blowjobs, Red haired, Natural tits, Teen

Video Description: For today's Selling My Girlfriend our test subjects will be Piikara and Hache. This young couple called us some time ago to make their debut with us, and already then they said that they were anything but swingers, altought Piikara specified that if it was for her they would be doing it all the time, but her dear Hache was pretty jealous. But of course, the power of the PornBucks is great, and if you add that to the fact that (we are pretty sure about it) Piikara must've been telling Hache about it again and again and again and making efforts to convince him little by little... Well, we come to today, with Hache sure about selling his girlfriend. Excuse us, have we said 'sure'? Not a chance, since he's having second toughts about it until the last moment, and he doesn't agrees until we start adding: 500И, 800И, UP TO THE 1000И that he ends up asking for to leave us fuck her. You're going to bankrupt us, fella! But that's 'cause we know Piikara deserve it: an AMAZING BODY the like we haven't seen in a while around here, A PAIR OF GREAT NATURAL TITS and a DIZZYING BOOTY... So we finally give Hache what he wants and make out stud come out, Bangkok, that goes straight to getting Piikara naked while Piikara goes straight to the bull's cock. She didn't lie to us when she said that she was into swinging! They do everything under the very eyes of Hache, who, despite his suffering with each and every of Bangkok's shafting inside her girlfriend's pussy, doesn't miss a thing of the fuck. Buddies, this Selling My girlfriend was worth the investment!

Alana Saenz - Single, alone and LOOKING FOR A GOOD COCK. "I'm Alana, I'm back and I wanna bang a porn performer!!" NEW!!! 10-02-2021 [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Alana Saenz, Amateur, Sluts, Porn castings, Facial cums, Perfect Ass, Cunnilingus, Spanish, Blowjobs, Masturbations, Black hair, Big cocks, Natural tits, Extreme Sex, Thongs

Video Description: Alana Saenz, back at FAKings after a great hidden camera (that image of her masturbating next to the Amazon delivery guy, who's completely clueless about what's happening next to him, will be forever in our memory), has brought us some news. Well, it seems that after waching her first incursion in porn, her boyfriend has... left her inmediately. But Alana hasn't crumbled down, not for one bit! 'Cause she's found out that the best place in which to quench her endless thirst, which is nowhere else than FAKings. So she's come to us prepared to become a porn model in her own right, and eating one of our porn cocks. But we need to now she's sure about it and prepared to take the step, so we will submit her to one of our patented tests: At first, she'll have to show us the limit of her deepthroat (done). After that, she'll have to clean the window topless so everyone in the neighbourhood know about her great body (done and done). And last but not least, she'll have to prove us how comfortable and slutty she can become in front of a camera by masturbating to orgasm without any kind of prudeness (Super-done!). Only by then we will make Mr. Bobelo enter so Alana can prove how much she needs a big cock. SPOILER ALERT: She eats it up before receiving her fuck, certigying her entrance in porn. A great future in porn awaits Alana!

Alice Fernandez - BIG BOOBS Vs. HORSEDICK. Alice wants an XXL caliber! NEW!!! 05-02-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Alice Fernandez, FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Spanish, Teen, Boobs, Big Tits, BBC

Andrea Morena - She bangs her 21-years-YOUNGER FRIEND'S SON. Andrea, MEGA-BUSTY and the ideal MILF. We were looking for a mommy like this :P NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Spanish, Andrea Morena, Housekeepers, Amateur, Facial cums, Fat Asses, Deep throats, Blowjobs, Mature with young boys, Mature, Milfs, Cuban Titwanks, First time, Natural tits, Big boobs, thongs

Noa Tevez - The kind of stuff confinement has, I FUCK ANOTHER DUDE and my boyfriend jerks off while he watches us on Skype. I'm Noa, a Spain-living Argentinian ;) NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Spanish, Noa Tevez, Amateur, Hidden cams, Cums, Cunnilingus, Students, Deep throats, Latin, Masturbations, Swingers, Blowjobs, Cuckolds, Natural tits, First time, Teen

Video Description: The kind of stuff confinement has, I FUCK ANOTHER DUDE and my boyfriend jerks off while he watches us on Skype. I'm Noa, a Spain-living Argentinian ;)

Katika - Very nervous at HER FIRST TIME. Katy, A fiery latina tastes a good Iberian dick NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Spanish, Katika, Amateur, Spanking, Porn castings, Perfect Ass, Facial cums, Masturbations, Black hair, thongs, First time

Lya Missy - I'm Lya Missy and I wanna fuck the guy that's trending at FAKings. That cock must be mine!!! NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Genre: FaKings, Fa Kings, Latina, Spanish, Lya Missy, Spanking, Sluts, Cums, Cunnilingus, Perfect Ass, Young girls, Blowjobs, Blondes, Extreme Sex, Teen

Video Description: Lya Missy, 19, is a babe with simple tastes: long walks along the beach, reading sometimes, but, most of all, A GOOD COCK to satisfy her thirst for sex once in a while! When a guy enters her mind, she won't rest until she takes him to bed (and pussy ;-)), and that's what happened today. 'Cause Lya has discovered, combing thorugh our website, a young guy that's been in the 'biz for a small while but that's already gaining a lot of attention. His name is Bangkok, and as soon as Lya found about him she hasn't stopped contacting us again and again asking for (more like DEMANDING) an encounter with him. And we, since we can smell from a mile away when a great fuck is coming, agreed instantly. Once these two get together, the sparks fly. They don't care much for introductions. After barely a few minutes chatting in which they can't stop teasing and studying each other's bodies, they go straight to what we knew it would come. AN ASTOUNDING HARDCORE FUCK in which two young people that desire each other from the very first second. We could spend weeks watching it just to see Lya's expressions. We can safely say this teen has enjoyed the greatest pounding she's ever had. And we all are witnesses to it!

Sara Kroft - I'm Sara and I love it when my boyfriend fucks my ass. If I need more I'm already have my horsedick tee hee hee NEW!!! 13-01-2020 [HD 720P]

Genre: Fakings, Latina, Anal, Extreme anal, Sluts, Creampie, Perfect Ass, Spanish, Blowjobs, Masturbations, Red haired, Big boobs, Cums, Extreme Sex

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