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Vienna, Vienna Rose, Katie Sloane - 18 Year Old [FullHD 1080p]

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Melanie Marie, Stella Luxx - Teach me new things [HD 720p]

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Nikki, Megan Marx - Delightfully over the top [HD 720p]

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Catalina, Megan Marx - Rare & Made In Heaven [HD 720p]

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Trinity - Passionately Rough Me Up [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Exploited College Girls, ExploitedCollegeGirls, Trinity

Video Description: Holy Mother of All Fucks everyone because todays exploitee is 18 year old Trinity and Ive never seen a girl get so much attention, so fast, as today's future superstar Trinity. Shes special alright and here to take two Dicks at once for the Very First Time. Love it, and if youve seen her absolutely scorching First Sex on Camera over at entitled I Like Girls More Than Guys with Amber Moore and her First Cock on Camera here entitled The Red Pill. Loved All Of It then you know she took the Red Pill and shes on her way to unlocking her suppressed Sexual Desires, and Threesomes she declared are A Big Leap for her.She further goes on to state that she prefers girls to guys and has had lots of All Girl Threesomes and if you want to see her Munching Muff in an All Girl Orgy its coming this October at excogigirls. Trinity is quickly becoming the favorite over there and for good reason. But let's focus on todays festivities and they get going rather quickly for ExCoGi standards as our Stiff Cock in a supporting roll goes to town licking our honeys Pussy while Tyler Nixon begins to Face Fuck her and the first of many Squirting Orgasms follows at 1353. Trinitys like a water fountain everyone and Stiff Cock doesnt appear to be phased by it at the least and even dives right into licking it up and Sucks her Clit right after, which Trinity just adored. Toe Sucking? Yep it happened a lot in this one and started at 2001 as the boys took turns fucking this newbies gorgeous Vagina. Next the boys took turns Face Fucking Trinity and like a pair of Professional Wrestlers took turns tapping in on the Trinity Ring of Pleasure and they took no prisoners today. These two even Slapped Hands while Spit Roasting her for that Paris Thing called an Eiffel Tower at 2813. Trinity even stated it was one of her favorite parts of the video hearing their hands clap! Love it, and this girl can FUCK, and Fucked-Her-Up the boys did, not holding back in the slightest and even made her throw up at 3830 during the Double Blowjob. Ok, well maybe she made herself throw up which is even more awesome but the point is she threw up and WOW! Shes kinda into the Gagging thing a lot and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! And even Squirted for Orgasms 2 3 back to back in Doggy as Tyler fucks her from behind while Face Fucking herself on Stiff Cocks cock. How do we clone you girl because youre to close to perfection and even Squirted once more back to back in Reverse Cowgirl for Orgasms 4 5 starting at 4526 and once more, you guessed it, she was getting FACE FUCKED! Oh and dont blink or youll miss Stiff Cock Spitting into Trinitys opened and eager mouth at 4609 and this Ill admit is an acquired taste. But hey, Trinity asked for it and who are we to deny a Teen some Spit. Not us, and with that I bid you all farewell. Enjoy this one because its a doozy, Cheers! Steve
Trinity Olsen - Passionately Rough Me Up [FullHD 1080p]

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Melanie Marie, Sophia - I hope I lick it right [HD 720p]

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Britney Rose, Kelsey Kane - Let's all cum together [HD 720p]

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Megan Marx, Sunni - Butt Plugs. To The Freezer & Beyond [HD 720p]

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Lola, Roxanne - You never forget your first time [HD 720p]

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Charli - Up The Dinner Dumper [HD 720p]

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Britney Rose, Megan Marx - Turning Britney Into a Lesbian [HD 720p]

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Britney Rose, Beverly - How Bi Are You Girls? [HD 720p]

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Shrooms Q, Hannah - Drooling All Over These Girls [HD 720p]

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Shrooms Q, Melanie Marie - Making My Kitty Purrrrrr [HD 720p]

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