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Lynna Nilsson - Designer Affair [FullHD 1080p]

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Reagan Foxx - Tonights Girlfriend [HD 720p]

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Nora, Cathy - Scene 742: Nora's 3rd Ever 3some [FullHD 1080p]

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Sovereign Syre - Keeping A Piece Of You [HD 720p]

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(DGW Pov Foot Worship Compilation) of (DatesGoneWrong) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Pov Foot Worship, Foot Worship, Female Domination, Foot Fetish, Femdom Pov, Foot Domination, Goddess Brandon Arena, Naomi Swann, Cassandra Cain, Bella Ink, Sheena Rose, Jenni Foxx, Indica Fetish, Women Feet, Big Feet, Tiny Feet, Sexy Feet, Pov, Milf Feet, Feet

Video Description: Do you love hot sexy womens feet and worshipping them? Well, if your tongue is hanging out of your mouth and youre already starting to touch yourself then obviously the answer is yes and this is the video for you.This is a compilation of 7 scenes put together for the price of 2.

(Poisoned Whispers Guiding YOU) of (IWantPoison) studio [HD 720P]

Genre: Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship, Joi, Blondes, Powerful Woman, Mind Fuck, FemDom

Video Description: No more thoughts, no more anxiety Just Poison! My Poisoned Whispers are here to guide you and that cock to ultimate submission. Youll have no room for thoughts, no room for doubt, no room for anxiety, all youll have is an overflow of cock throbbing Poison. a Multitude of erotic beauty. An overwhelming desire to serve. Your subconscious will pick up exactly what it needs to hear at this exact time. I know how to get inside your mind and pull you down before Me, begging me to submit! Enjoy and overwhelming pump of Poison! Good boy!

Goddess Valora starring in video (Liquid Lobotomy ft Latex Barbie) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Nurse Play, Mental Domination, Medical Clinic, Love Addiction, C4Shalloween20, Femdom Pov, Special Effects, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Joi, Shiny, Latex, Entrancing, Drone, Weak, Mindless, Double Domme, Goddess Valora, Latex Barbie

Video Description: Welcome to the Terror Clinic! Nurse Valora and Nurse Barbie will be administering a new form of treatment, a liquid lobotomy. The first injection gets you weak and numb but thats not enough for us. We give you more and soon your mind is wiped clean. Now all you can do is listen to your new shiny Gods and beat off endlessly. Youre no longer a person, youre a drone. And theres no checking out of our facility, youre in this for life.

Goddess Valora starring in video (Manipulation Rehab) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Coerced Intox Fantasy, Mind Fuck, Aroma, Big Tits, FemDom Therapy Fantasy, Guided Meditation, Manipulation Fantasy, Manipulatrix Fantasy, Possible Ripoff, Reprogramming Fantasy, Ripoff Or Is It, Tit Worship

Video Description: Tired of being taken advantage of by beautiful women? Feeling burned out on Femdom? Are you wishing you had never fallen down this rabbit hole? Well then I have a simple solution for your problem. Breathe in My bottle of strong aromas and let your guilt fade. Once Ive got you in a blank mental state, Ill reprogram your behavior and youll never be the way you are again. Come on, do I seem like the type of Goddess to trick you? Maybe dont answer that. Instead, give into the promise of being a fool no more. Its time for a change. Apply My markup codes to your order: Cum Tax = CUM4VALORA Loser Tax = VALORALOSERTAX Additional dignity lost = DRAIN4VALORA Dont forget to order your custom today!

Tigger Rosey starring in video (Worship EVERYTHING about Me) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Goddess Worship,Pee, Big Feet, Femdom, Armpits, Dirty Talk, Tiggerrosey, Tigger, Scent Fetish, Scent, Smell

Video Description: You love me. My scent, my taste, how I look.. Youd do anything for a lick of this pussy. I want you to worship me head to toe before ill even consider letting you touch my pussy or lick it. Start at my feet and work your way up to my arms. Im going to make you suck on my feet and lick my armpits and drink my piss.

Miss Sarah starring in video (Cry for your useless cock) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Face Slapping Fantasy, Humiliation, Boot Domination, Caged, Cock Humiliation, Dominatrix, Impotent, Jerk Off Encouragement, Masturbation Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: Men are all around My dungeon, one tied on the cross, one tied in the toilet but this pathetic slave somehow managed to get himself trapped in the cage begging for Me to set him freelittle did he knew that not only I will not release him but I will heavily humiliate, slap and spit him while hell gonna struggle to get his useless cock hard as I ordered him to do. That wannabe cock is literally useless and once again it is proven that I am right. The humiliation he receives from Me along with the frustration level of his impotence will make some tears to be shed.

Lexi Sindel, Carmen Rivera, and Domina Dahlia starring in video (Puppet Masters) of (VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Fisting, Strap-On, Femdom, Anal, Female Domination, Submissive, Slave Training ,Lexi Sindel, Carmen Rivera, Domina Dahlia

Video Description: Lexi Sindel, Carmen Rivera, and Domina Dahlia turn their slaves inside out as they go elbow deep into their slutty fuck-holes and transform them into their personal hand puppets.

(Femdom Fitness with Lily Lane) of (She Owns Your Manhood) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Strap-On, Leotard Fetish, Big Tits, Cum Eating Instruction, Handjobs ,Lily Lane, Lily Lane Strapon, Lance Hart, Leotard, Big Tits, Cum Eating, Cum On Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Edging, Blue Balls, Beg To Cum

Video Description: Lily Lane asked Lance Hart to come over and show her some things about fitness. She got all dressed up with a high cut leotard, high socks, and even wrist bands.When Lance starts showing her stretches, she only seems interested in his ass. She tells him that the only real work out she does is fucking dudes in the assLily has to go to work, but Lance is still blue balled with a raging boner on her sofa. He begs her to at least jerk him off or something.Shes wearing some kind of slutty waitress outfit with shiny pantyhose and sneakers. I guess I could jerk you off real quick, but if you get any cum on my work outfit, youre going to clean it up with your fucking tongue.She edges him and laughs every time she stops right before he cums, knowing his balls are blue as fuck. She even squeezes and slaps his balls a little.Eventually she milks a huge load from him all over her outfit and makes him lick it all up.

Juliette March starring in video (Edged with My Strapon) of (Sweet Femdom) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Strap-On, Edging Games, Female Domination, Handjobs, Pantyhose Domination, Leotard Fetish, Juliette March, Lance Hart, Edging, Beg To Cum, Fucking, Face Sitting, Pussy Licking, Leotard, Leotard Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Fishnets, Strapon, Cum Eating

Video Description: Juliette is riding Lances face. She slides her pussy on his cock and uses him to get herself off quickly, then tells him that if he wants to cum, its going to be with her strap on in his ass.

Goddess Cheyenne starring in video (Spinner Boy) [HD 720P]

Genre: Strap-On,Pegging, Female Domination, Topless, Femdom, Suspension ,Leather Suspension Harness, Suspension, Strap-On, Dildo, Ass Fuck, Nipple Slip, Nipple, Uncircumcised, Leather Hood, Be

Video Description: The gorgeous Goddess Cheyenne has expertly rigged her ass slut in a beautiful leather suspension harness for some devious spin-fuck entertainment. Due to the vigorous multi-position ass intrusions, The Goddess has a nipple slip for a few momentsmuch to the enjoyment of all viewers. She fucks his hungry hole thoroughly in this fun and unique bit of dungeon debauchery.
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